Thrall Command for purge?

With the 5/8 closing by, we gradually have more news and footage on the purge system. Yet I am worried about the PVE servers. We are supposed to defend our base by using the thralls or mines. However, with the current state of the thrall command, thralls will attack anyone that’s nearby and can also be killed by other players. And I hope ■■■■■■ sees this issue. Other players can kill the defender’s thralls before they have a sufficient number for the purge. Also, it will be extremely hard for your friend come and visit your place.

I think:

  1. player’s thralls and players should not be able to attack each other.
  2. Or we can give thralls different commands, if player thrall attack you first then whoever got attacked can attack back or even recap them.

I’m not a fan of this idea. I prefer to play pve. On these servers thralls are the best defense from unscrupulous players. The only alternative for protecting my stuff would be to build giant windowless buildings and walls.

If you only have walls then how would you def your walls from the NPC invaders? The NPC invaders can attack your walls and there will be nothing to stop them between you and the invaders, your walls are just sitting duck.

Or you simply do not know the current state of the game? With the current state of the game, a player can pin down any thralls you have with a bow even if they are in a tower. Your thralls will just be a target practice.

We are talking about player versus thrall here. Nobody is disputing a thralls usefulness against mobs.
As for pinning down thrall archers, if you think archers alone will protect your base you’ve already failed. In pvp strategically placed fighters are far more effective. Not to mention killing a player inside your base has the added benefit of a difficult to recover corpse.
Of course a reasonably skilled, determined player may still get in. I just try to keep my bases from becoming charities. The more difficult to acquire stuff should always be locked up.