All my thralls got killed by a a stygian fighter

Hello ! I just logged in on the official server that i play and found out that all my full equipped thralls where killed by…stygian fighters. I guess a player abused a bug or something,because many thralls were killed and most of them were lvl 20 full equiped. Devs ?


Yes . Few people talk about that. but if you start a purge next to your neighbor. enemies might visit your neighbor.

The slaves of my friend They are dead . because of my purge

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Qual servidor oficial?


Server is #6457 PvE-C .

Its the same problem in all the official servers


It’s best not to build close to others.
It’s best not to leave perimeter thralls any more. You can guard your perimeter from inside your wall, not out side.


I have read some reports of people saying that enemy players voluntarily start purges close to other peoples to destroy their slaves

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It’s a fact. In another topic in this forum, a player that fond to report others, is planning to create purges for destroying the bases of others and seek support for it :man_facepalming:. I really cannot understand the mentality of some people.
Thank you for replying Menis happy holidays brother :metal:.

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You too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I’d never want to play with the current purge system on officials honestly. I don’t think Dennis and crew really thought about how it can very easily be used as a tool for griefing, giving players complete control over when, where, and how powerful it is.

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I prevent (hopefully) someone doing that by not having a coffer. I keep treasures in a plain old chest unless I’m actively doing a purge. That should prevent my base being a target.

That’s not how it works… someone else can place a coffer nearby your base. They’ll attack your thralls instead if they’re in the path.

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I don’t have outside thralls anymore.

That doesn’t change the fact that you having no coffer makes a difference. That just means you’re protected from someone else purging you… maybe. It depends if the enemies spawn or clip into your walls. They do that sometimes. Most likely you’ll be fine.

yeah but that can be a problem on the official servers, I built a small outpost for our clan near Asagarth because we have a teleport there, the problem is that it’s a crowded area and I ended up with it when a Stygian outpost appeared near another clan’s building and killed a low level thrall there (I of course contacted the clan and apologized, they took it easy and didn’t even want compensation)

more or less 30-40% of my game time for the last 3 weeks is scouring the map and looking for an interesting place for an outpost to purge, and it has to meet a number of conditions

  • well defensible , something to build a small castle(really only small)
  • preferably with no NPCs/animals around so I can leave defenders there without worrying that something will kill them when we’re offline
  • it has to be an uninteresting and small location so that someone doesn’t want to set up a base there - I don’t want to block other players
  • there has to be some added value nearby - interesting thralls, resources or a place where BP challenges often send you
  • It can’t be a desert, that’s where our base is and I’m sick of it.

just a place that doesn’t exist on a crowded official server

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