Thralls killable on PvE server

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: South America

So I placed several thralls on my base for purge defense but players were able to kill then, is it still a bug on xbox.?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I also had the same issue on server 2501. Had about 6 die to two actual players. This is stupid as they already have the bug of half life after taming them so to have players be able to just walk up and kill them on a PVE server makes it even more unacceptable. Dying to purge, np. Dying to better thrall, cool. Even them dying to a player on a PVP server I would have took but this is 2501 pve.
I also have a screen shoot if needed.

Funcom Wrote at the end of the preview that Thralls couldn’t attack other players and other players couldn’t attack your thralls. But now only the first sentence is true. Great problem because we can’t use archers in order to defend the base against the purge if we are offline

Yeah. I mean the purge is NOT suppose to happen while offline however, with the way all of the stuff they told us pre launch coming out to be untrue, I wouldn’t doubt it. I do KNOW if you crash or dashboard mid purge it continues… which is another problem.