Thralls can be killed by other players after taken from the wheel of pain?

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: [Here]

We had another player come into our base and kill our thralls we had spread out through the base? Is this a bug or this can happen?

Are you on PvP or PvE?

I play on pve. Some neighbor of mine came and just slaughtered all 5 of my thralls I had out and about.

I believe that is apart of pve

What’s the point in pve if others can kill your work? That’s PvP

Here is the issue. Players requested ability to mark some players as friends for their thralls and funcom decides to turn off thrall attacking other players on PvE servers completely, but they obviously did not turned off damage to thralls from players.

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It does not make any sense that players can kill your Thralls in PvE.

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They should fixs it soon. I have 2 Thralls killed yesterday by another player. I play on PVE servers on the ps4 pro

so on PVE Conflict do thrails attack back other players?

Absolutely not, players on pve servers (atleast on ps4) PVE… not pvp, not conflict, not pve conflict outright PVE servers are being griefed constantly

Ive had MULTIPLE strangers on my server (i assume finding me by looking at the players list) send me PSN messages asking me if ive seen “xyz” player because they killed their thralls

And myself have had it happen multiple times (10 level 3 archers at one time)… been forced to put mine in boxes until fixed ever since it happened :unamused:

I’ve had 15 thrall killed everyday for the last three days. I’m done with this game until it’s fixed. I’m on a PvE server specifically to avoid this from occurring. The freaking trolls will wait until I’m in my settlement then the five of them will kill them before I can do anything about it If there was anything I could do about it. I would really like to avoid having to enclose the entire settlement in a building as that would take forever.

Yeah thats so dumb, your thralls dont even defend themselves against other players because its pve… had my archers slaughtered by an idiot. Now my fighters are in a chest

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i like shooting them through windows pew pew named thrall dead pew pew dancers dead pew pew fix it and i will stop thank you

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If you want to play pvp then go to pvp. It’s ridiculous and pointless to be a jackass on a pve server.

:sweat_smile: im just trollin i dont play pve lol

Here’s something odd! I play PvP an no one can kill my thralls and my thralls won’t attack them either…that part of the patch was for pve only!

It is a bug they were hoping to fix with the recent patch. It worked on some servers but not on others. It is not an intended mechanic in PVE.

I believe it is however intended on PVP and Pve Conflict Servers which would make sense just like damage to other players buildings.

As of now, they have fixed Thralls to regain health and to not take friendly fire from its owner.

Yes! I noticed this. I was pretty happy with this lol