Thralls killed in PvE

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ | Bug | Misc]

Why is it a thing that on PvE servers people can kill your thralls. A player just came to my base and yanked all my thralls. Pretty awesome since I can do nothing back and I’m sure nothing will happen to him. Really hope this is a bug.

Unfortunately it is not. You have to protect your thralls. Its a pain but close them off and make them hard to get to. Since they will attack players not in your clan they can be hurt by players

I also play PvE and this makes no sense for that kind of environment. All it does is open a door for griefing with no retaliation. Thralls are already having issues with healing themselves. If thralls are meant to be focal point of this game, they need to be a little more utilitarian in PVE. Only the crafters ha e proven worth the trouble of taming so far…sad

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