16 of my thralls just vanished

Game mode: Online PvE
Problem: Bug
Region: North America

I had 16 archer thralls guarding on top of my walls since the purge is going to start tomorrow and then my game crashed. After logging back on to equip my 16th thrall with gear, I noticed they all vanished. Pretty agitating giving that I’m getting purged tomorrow and won’t be able to defend my base now. The thralls still don’t heal at all yet either.

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Thralls dont work, they dont heal and dont attack, and fall through the ground, and wouldnt be effective during the purge. And on PvE as well as PVP other players can kill your thralls.


Yeah, only useful Thralls right now are crafting bench thralls (cooking, dancers "though dancers/entertainer is not set to a bench, priest, carpenters and such) dancers/entertainers can still be killed but just put them inside. Carrier thralls are useful (ones with the backpacks) this is only because most of the time when you get them you can take their backpack for an extra 5lb encumbrance buff when you equip it for gathering or long travels.

Aside from that fighters, archers and the likes are useless they will die like Turkey said, no health regain and if not properly fortified other players will kill them for gear you put on them or just to be trolls which renders them pointless and this will probably happen before a purge anyways.


My archer thralls definitely attack things. Everything but snakes. They auto attack this close spawning scorpion king whenever it spawns and I can farm chitin and exotic meat. They were in a safe spot, away from any close encounters with enemies. Just hoping they fix all of these issues with thralls.

Any tips on how to defend your base from the purge in the meantime?

That backback thing is good to know, I might go catch me one.

How is that possible? You’re on PS4, cause this is the PS4 bug thread? No one has working thralls on any of the servers ive been on and no one has stated that thiers work.

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Working as in firing their arrows? They do use them, but not as well as I’d like. I have some archer thralls again sitting on stacks of two foundations and they attack whenever something gets like ten feet away. So far they just attack the scorpion king. Some aren’t as aggressive as I’d like them to be. Some fire, some don’t. Am I able to post videos on here?

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So here shows that they work, but they only attack once the scorpion king either wanders too close to the walls or in this case, gets baited by me. They only have so much range. The scorpion can run the opposite direction and they’ll still fire. Just wish they were able to attack at first site.

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