Purges based on thralls & pets

I think the purges should be based on the amount of thralls and pets as well as the building.

Purges are based on zone of the map, as it should be. Otherwise you have people in the North in a sandstone box with only a couple of turtles and crocs to guard the gates, although there are plenty of ugly sandstone builds in the north they generally have a swarm of high level thralls on guard.

There seem to be a lot of people that want the purge to be easier than it is, purges are kind of bugged on even starting right now. This is a survival game that is fairly easy to play as it is so I disagree with the purges being made easier for people that are unwilling to prepare properly before a purge.

I believe that purge difficulty should scale based on location, but purge size should scale based on building pieces, thrall count, and clan size. Keep the northern areas difficult, but if you got a tiny shoebox of a base with only like 3 thralls run by a solo player, then a purge up there should have 1 or 2 waves. Any more than that and it becomes difficult to resist.

The game started with exile lands map. It was very logical that starting the game from the starting river purges even in lvl 6 (highest level) will be something you can handle, as long as you tried to use defensive game mechanics. The best defensive mechanic was and is the palisades, but risky as well since you can loose too. Spreading your domination around the map the purges are harder and harder. I have witnessed a sandstone build in the mount of the dead to be completely destroyed from a Cimmerian Berserker purge (Awesome).
Yet in Siptah purge is tricky. I builded in a place that normally, like the “guide” was pointing, I shouldn’t have an accursed purge, but it happened. Hopefully I was experienced player and I had no issues even if I was just one week in the server.
Purges are here to make the game challenging, what I would wish for Siptah purges is more crafter spawn. I never got just one named crafter in Siptah purges and it was a bit disappointing.

Purge difficulty should be based on thrall metric (# and level combined metric) base construction, and placed defenses.(1) Number of waves should be based on number in clan. A solo player gets one wave while a 10 person clan gets 10 waves.

(1). all of these should give a some sort of measurement that makes it easy or difficult. IE a sandstone hut without any defenses or thralls gets level 1 difficulty while a t3 building with 30 leveled thralls and palisades…heaven help that poor soul.

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I want the purge to send a whole friggin’ avatar at me…


This post has some “Choke me harder” energy.

I dig it.

Avatar purges are what admin enforcement should look like. All the others playing just sees 50 avatars descend on a base.

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Watching like 50 gods appear on my map would give me a heart attack lol

I fully endorse this

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As long as I could hurt this avatar too😉

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Yes! That’s what I mean. I want to FIGHT the avatar of Zath! Without resorting to Admin or waiting for another clan to rise up in power to rival me. I want to experience what I saw in those trailers back in the day! Gimme that giant foot smashing my fortress towers!

(can anybody else tell I’m sick of fending off hyenas and rocknoses?)

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