Purge types on the island NE of Siptah

Since I built an outpost and placed some hard hitting thralls there, what types of purges can be expected?

Worst is accursed warriors. They will easily overrun any thralls you have. They tweaked purges I think because now instead of just 12 or so npcs, its 24+ all at the same time. 10 archers and a bunch of fighters will quickly crush thralls as they have been nerfed badly in this regard (base defense). The best defense now seems to be multiple layers of walls. Or dummy foundation structures built out from your base that they are attracted to.


The accursed came in and all but wiped our bsse off the map. We habe since then moved our base somewhere else. So far so good good luck to you.


@Wak4863 has some helpful purge maps for Siptah on his site!


How many purges did you have my fellow exile in Siptah official?
On official servers I had nothing else than Accursed purge, no matter where I builded :sob:.
And this is not nice :confused:!
Hopefully surges balance the situation and gives great motivation in Siptah. I wish we had surges on exile lands too!
Last but not least, @sestus2009 and @nitecat in their Siptah server changed the purge level from 6 (official) to 3 and I had a bat purge which was not easy and a Stygian which was not easy again! But it was so cool after so many purges in Siptah to see something different, liberating I could say! Accursed purge is a monotony in Siptah :confused:

Quite a few. My original base is in a location that only has A Patrol of Accursed. Accordibg to Wak’s purge map, the newer fortress is in the far north of the northeast island, and may only get Stygian Mercenaries. That fort has a slightly larger purge defense force than my original base, that has cut down hundreds of Accursed.

I also had a Vanir purge in Exiled Lands since the update and thrall nerf. First wave was taken out by Lian and my character. The base guards still owned the second wave spawning in my base, that was only able to destroy a preservation box, and kill a level sixteen Greater Rhino that ran off and fought them alone. Two Greater Sabretooths have since replaced the Rhino, and four Dalinsias guard the room that wave spawned in.


@stelagel My husband and I started playing on Siptah (PS4) on launch day last May. We play of two official Siptah servers and have builds in 6 different locations between the two servers. We’ve had children of Gullah, black corsairs, accursed and undead. If I had to guess, I’d say we’ve had around 20 Siptah purges in the last 17 months. So far we’ve never had any vault enemy purges and Accursed do seem to be the most common.

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Lucky you! I do believe these purges exists, just never had the luck on official servers :pensive:.

These my friend is against the tos. Can get u reported and banned easily…

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