Make purge difficulty relative to number of online players

I got purged yesterday in the volcano. I am a solo player. They attacked my map room building. The building is T3 and they broke through it by hitting it with weapons in less than a minute. My map room itself was destroyed in less than a minute after that. I was there fighting it off, but each wave had about 20 enemies. Even with legendary weapons at my disposal and wearing silent legion gear (I also hade 40 strength, and 30 vitality), I couldn’t stop them from destroying insane amounts of t3 structure.
Two problems I have with this:

  1. I am a solo player and the purge I was hit was ridiculous considering this.
  2. how fast the purge broke through my t3 structure by just hitting it was crazy, they obviously had a building damage buff. All NPCs were level 3 or below and they did insane damage.

Please balance this. I am solo on PvP and already have plenty to worry about in terms of being attacked. I don’t need the hardest raid to endure to be a purge.

Defensive thralls? And the volcano is the hardest area. I don’t see the issue.

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I really didn’t have time to get 20 names thralls ready to defend my new map room. Maybe balance this by not allowing a purge to hit a building less than a couple days old?

Defensive thralls remain bugged and almost useless. Once they are fixed this balance issue may be corrected.

Wow, so even if I had protected the building with thralls, they wouldn’t have helped?

Thralls do not agro except in some very specific cases. Usually they will respond if the player gets hit, but not always. This is a bug and should be fixed sometime this month.

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The volcano is the hardest area on the map. but it is also the easiest to defend from purges if you set-up so they die in lava. part of your base should be bait for the purges so its the only part they can reach before falling in lava.

The farther north you go, or even have a base in the north, the harder all your purges will be. As soon as you have a base in a higher difficulty zone that same level of difficulty can hit anyone of your bases.

I’m fine with the difficulty, I’m just saying it should be scaled to how many people in your tribe are online. Why should one person be hit by the same purge as ten?

Also, I’ve had purges spawn on top of my base, so how am I supposed to build in a way they go in lava?

If your base cannot be reached by walking normally, then the purge will drop in on top, or even spawn right inside. So be sure that at least some of your base can be reached by a normal walk, without any sort of jump, climb or swim.

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they must have one access from safety, if you build bridge or elevator across the lava make sure the pieces join to your base, each building not joined is a separate base to the purge. wherever you make the easy access for the purge build a bunch of foundations and walls so it takes longer to chew them up.

We need the purge to attack any clan regardless of the amount of people on, the reason is it can help with removing building spam.

The base they spawned on top of was just on flat ground though. Wide open in the desert.

yeah, offline, the thralls will just die and not do anything and your buildings are forfeit.
if you are online,and within reasonable distance, say… 100 blocks? they will assist.

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