Does each purge get more difficult?


Im a solo player on a PVP server and Ive built a small base high in the volcano. I just had my first purge and It was a band of cimmarian beast tamers. Now bearing in mind im solo and only had 1 fighter thrall I was facing off against named fighters and archers, Mammoths, wolves, bears, for 5 waves and on the 6th wave a F**king dragon! To make it worse some spawned on top of my base and some on the inside. I dont know how I managed to fight them off but they did do alot of destruction to my base. My question is do each subsequent purges get harder. Will my next purge be harder then the first? I dont know how I will survive the next one :weary:

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Some are harder and some are easier. If your purge bar is completely full the purge will be more difficult than if it were less so (I think it’ll spawn more waves?)

If you’re having trouble with the purge spawning in your base you need to extend your base until it’s touching the ground and there’s an unobstructed path from the purge spawn locations to it.


I wish I could but because im on a pvp server as a solo player my main defence is staying hidden. But the purges up here in the volcano are tough.

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Not gonna disagree with you on that.

Varies on Purge and how quickly you go thru them.

Good Example, is exile purge which starts out with half naked exiles for 1st few rounds, If you manage to kill thru them quickly before purge timers out, you’ll suddenly see people decke dout in leather/wraps armors who take more of beating.

They also roll set levels in certain zones, 1st purge could be high level and just the worse, later you’ll get lower level and waltz thru it.

Fun of RNG.

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No it won’t be. You will get the same purge types every time, because purge strength - creature types and wave count - depends on server settings and location of you base.


I wish I coud have a purge at least…


false. totally unrelated. Excess purge bar points are passed to next purge bar

But they don’t increase the difficulty of the purge you experience?

No they do not. The purge difficulty sets how hard it is and the potential purges available. The game simply chooses one at random. A bar can overfill simply by doing things to fill it outside of the potential purge window. As said, excess accumulation of the purge bar just adds to the bar after the purge.

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yep , and also the location you build on restrict a bit the list of available purges to you (human and non human ) meaning that in the vulcano the purges will be harder because of the restriction of available list of purges leaving only cimmerean beast tammers / voltaries of skelos , yetis , and maybe others high level purges , didn’t had a lot of purges in the vulcano yet myself … if you build in the noob river the poolset will be easier ( i e : exiles / imps / ect… purges )

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Volcano region is a nasty area for purges.

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Right. I glossed over the region relationship which sets which purges are available. The further north you go (and sep area) the harder they are.

What controls how many waves you get in a purge?

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The difficulty and the specific purge. The wiki has a summary of all the purges and their dependency on region and difficulty.

Thanks for the info.

Mine is full since the first couple days when I reached 20-ish (leveling settings are set to slow progress), now I’m 60 for a while and still not a single purge. Months ago I also have had purges frequently and regularly, now it’s gone even console commands won’t trigger them.

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