9 of 10 same level purges went fine, the last one was disaster

Hello guys,

I want to share my today experience with purge and ask you about your opinions and experiences. Right now I feel fed up, because once again there is no guarantee the given tier of purge will be always the same difficulty in reality.

The numbers just give us some misty idea about what kinds of attackers to expect, and how long the purge will probably last. But that’s it, everything else will be rather easy, intermediate or very hard.

So to the point:
I managed to go fluently through 9 of 10 summoned purges (level 8) with just 6 defending thralls on level 20 and in full gear. None of them suffered a scratch, the progress was fluent and easily managable. The siege camps spawned several times very far away, the rest of purges moderately close, and only once really few meters from my base.

In most of the cases of previous purges the attackers were a mixture of conscripted prisoners and competent fighters. In the last purge not only the camp spawned that close, but there were no prisoners. The commander was sending wave after wave of the strongest fighters and me and my defenders were not able to catch up with this tempo. When half of them was dead, they were already sending another wave.

Not to mention the demolishers destroyed almost whole building with coffer meanwhile, cause I was not able to help my thralls and defend the treasure at the same time.

So even with the utmost trying, I lost half of my active defending manpower during this last purge, and now I am asking: What is this about if we never know, how it will be next time? How come that we make a strategy which becomes useless just because one unfairly and poorly spawned purge which is a nightmare in every possible way?

How are you coping with such problems? Do you have any ideas how to be prepared for everything? :slight_smile: Also could my growing number of thralls in general be to blame here? The only thing that comes to my mind is the fact, that the difficulty is calculated also by thralls me or my clan have in general, without taking into account how many are there guarding the coffer.

I would appreciate some more elaborate info about this influence, if there is any.

Thanks a lot!


I’ve done a lot of level X purges and noticed that the attacker lineup is changing, and randomly. Khitans, Stygians, treasure hunters, naked prisoners - they may or may not appear. For example, I had a purge of almost nothing but naked prisoners. There was a purge, when both the beginning and the end were Khitan. And there were purges without any Khitai at all.
As for the duration, it varied from 5 to 40 minutes, that is, this, too, as I understand it, is a random variable.
Well, as for the number of defenders - IMHO, 6 is not enough…

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I think the same, that it’s completely random. Ergo something what should be rearanged in the future.

And yes, I also did purges with 20+ defenders, and the unexpected variety of how it will go was practicaly the same. Sometimes I lost no one, sometimes I lost few defenders. But this experience was apparently only about my luck, because I had no issues about managing the nine purges before, so the fail in the tenth one was a bit unnerving.

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according to my observation the strength of a purge depends not directly on the total number of thralls of the player / clan but on the number of thralls in the area , when I tried purges in the forward base at Asagarth with 8 bersekers in defense ( tier 1-5 purges) I was attacked by about 10 warriors per wave , when I ran a purge in the main base it was 20+ per wave.

Imho there should be some minimum distance set for a stygian base , when it spawns right next to yours it’s a massacre sometimes. I also prefer when the base appears further away , it gives more time before the next wave arrives and the thralls can get back into position


Thank you for your post, at least you confirmed my assumptions and fears. :smiley:

To me it seems that when the global “thralls owned” number goes over some specific value, the purge gets harder out of sudden - meaning it’s not some gradual process of adding to the number of fighter thralls in each wave of attackers.

This :heart:

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In principle, the fact that the purge is new every time, and its severity and duration cannot be predicted, is good. Otherwise she would quickly get bored.

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I partially agree with you - there should be some unpredictable element, but in my opinion not to this degree I described above.

The last thing I feel after this purge is “hapilly driven to do next one”, because it’s awesome how one can never tell how the purge will be next time. :smiley:


Moreover, once the duration was such that it was very similar to an infinity bug. I got tired of it, I went and killed the boss without challenging to a fight. I think this is the best option - as soon as he appears at the entrance, immediately go and kill him.

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Wait, he always spawns there before you get the message? :open_mouth:

Before I thought it’s just bugged message about him already waiting there. My purge never lasted more than 15 minutes and only few times I went to check sooner and he was already there.

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It’s just that it’s not always visible, especially if the base is far away. So you have to wait for a challenge.


I try to deploy 20 at a time.

I use different weapons builds- all legendaries with a few exceptions like voidforge bow for example.

I keep any extra thralls fully decked out up top away from the purge so i can replace any losses after the purge is done.

It takes me about 4 hours to level two thralls at once with warparty. I hit world bosses, dungeons, and vaults for this. Undead are some of the best for XP in the game.

I also tend to go after world bosses that DOT you up. i simply avoid getting hit.

There is no avoiding losses- fortunately it doesnt take long to level up thralls- relatively speaking for someone who plays everyday.


Yeah, this is maybe something I have to deal with. :smiley: And yes, one can levelup thralls in few hours. The thing is I do not want to spend excessive time with this, long gone are the times I enjoyed this activity. :smiley: So now every lost thrall on lvl 20 is just… annoying aspect of the game to me (ergo lost time)

But you have a point sometimes it happens and one has to deal with it.

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These are my observations about the level X purge (Special credit to Blackrose for providing lots of the key info about purge wave behavior)

Purge X spawns 6 waves. Each wave is composed of 3 groups. (A vanguard group, second ‘traveling’ group, and a final reinforcement group)

The options to spawn for purge X:

  • Stygian Soldiers (Includes swordsmen, pikemen, & archers) + Demos
  • Khitan Soldiers (Includes pikemen & orb throwers) + Demos
  • Relic Hunters (Includes swordsmen, pikemen, & archers) + Demos
  • Prisoner Spam + Warslave Master

The chosen wave will be randomly selected from the options.

Group numbers depend on player and thrall count in the area (Thralls in your follower list which are Bright Yellow are considered in the vicinity).

Spawn options for Purge X with no allies or thralls present:

  • 5 Khitan Soldiers + 2 Demos (X3)
  • 5 Stygian Soldiers + 2 Demos (X3)
  • 5 Relic Hunter Soldiers + 2 Demos (X3)
  • Many prisoners + 1 Warslave Master

Having a single thrall present:

  • 8 Khitan Soldiers + 3 Demos (X3)
  • 8 Stygian Soldiers + 3 Demos (X3)
  • 8 Relic Hunter Soldiers + 3 Demos (X3)
  • Many prisoners + 1 Warslave Master

Purge X will always have 5 thrall cages at the end.
Rewarded thrall options are:

  • Relic Hunter Tier III’s
  • [All T4 Bearers]
  • [Dancers]
    • Ama the Seductress
    • Lethandra
    • Lianeele
    • Thutmekri the Dramatist
    • Luba the Luscious
    • Chieftan Didrik
  • [Fighters]
    • Cimmerian Berserker
    • Dalinsia Snowhunter
    • Lian
    • Sonja the Strider
    • Cormag Beastblood
  • [Archers]
    • Anja the Dervish
    • Black Dragon Archer Master
    • Ulric Bearbaiter
    • Ambusher Tyra
    • Pauna Piercing-Arrow

Edit: Forgot relic hunter soldiers as an enemy wave option


I hope i won’t get flagged again for saying the truth, but the purge system is still a total mess. What I’ve seen and understand so far is that every level hides another level of power. I won’t go to the crash and performance issues, it’s pointless. I do understand that this purge system is still under development yet served to the players, but full stop with these issues.
So. Is it rng? Is it calculated with other parameters ? I don’t know! I cannot say for sure because the way it works seems more “buggy” than “intented”.
So my dear @Archivist, i am really sorry if you got frustrated that a bugged purge hit you (because i am confident that it was bugged), yet when this happens to me i enjoy it very much. I know that @sestus2009 don’t call me mazochist without reasons :rofl:, he is right. I play on official servers just because of this random unreasonable difficulty to almost everything. This element of surprise is giving me reasons and thrills. But i don’t expect others to enjoy this unreasonable “thing”.
So maybe you’ll start today 20 lvl X purges and never experience the doom you witness in this one.
But i want you to do one thing if you may. In this process you witness mistakes of yours and official performance mistakes. Please learn from them and share to teach us as well. Everyone who says i know everything just lie first to him self.
Thank you for your feedback :metal:


Yeah, lets not forget purges arent designed to be grinded out as a solo player.

They go much quicker with more players involved and that alone would lessen the likely hood of losing thralls as well, provided you help them.

So purging once or twice a week wont make losing thralls that heavy a price to pay .

So it still really is very much up to the player style.

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personally, 8 berserks were enough for me, of which 2 x level 20 full epic gear that followed me and 8 x level 10 - 15 with partially epic, partially normal equipment as defense of the “base” to defend the tier 5 purge

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So worst case scenario:
1: Purge base directly in front of your entrance.
2: By chance you only get tough attackers.
3: There are several players in the area, making the waves bigger while not helping.
You need to have enough defenders with good hp. Keep them together by tweaking attack/chase distance. Use unreachable archers for distraction, bearers as tanks. Plant dancers in the fighting area to buff healing. Always be aware of demolishers.

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You forgot number 4. The stygian commander is challenging you but he is invisible :rofl:. So the wave continues for 40 minutes straight since you cannot find him and defeat him.

40 minutes? Why, one purge was bugged - all the attackers disappeared ( even the archers in the base) , so I waited a while and then grabbed the gold from the chest , after a while the purge would end

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Look how it went…

Like @Muelee said they literally camped in front of my gate. So for the naked prisoners i had to climb walls and kill them outside my walls so the purge can go on. After i killed them i went inside my base again trying to climb my walls, because close to the attached part even my walls couldn’t be climbed.
After i kill some hordes the stygian commander message appeared, yet he was totally invisible. The whole battle took place in the stygian camp since my thralls lured from the spawns. Until then ten minutes only have passed, i had 11 fighters with 1700 armor and master kit on each momentum, so they were literally crashing the waves unbelievable easy. Yet for 30 minutes they were keep spawning. I got bored so i removed my bracelet, my thralls didn’t need me after all so much. Yet when i return guess what? One thrall was fighting the commander the rest were doing nothing and all the wave was slaying one of my thralls that was doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. If this is not a bugged reaction, then what is it?
I didn’t made it, my thrall died from bleeding, of course the purge was over because my other thrall killed the commander, but the rest 9 were slacking in the stygian camp doing the e motes… Go figure :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
New purge system! It needs work and feedback, so we better give it, isn’t it? :wink:.