Tips for Siptah base and the maelstrom

Howdy, I’m back to Conan after a while, I actually bought Siptah and it’s my first time playing it. I was wondering if you guys could give me a tip on choosing my base location. I spawned in C8 and built a little temporary base, then settled in top right corner of G10 on one of those big rock spikes.

Apparently I’m in the maelstrom’s zone. Should I worry about it or not? From what I gathered, the maelstrom doesn’t damage buildings anymore, but it can spawn monsters, right? Are they like the purge and will they destroy my base while I’m offline?

I haven’t had any problems with maelstrom spawns damaging buildings so I would no.

As for base location, good luck with that. Nowhere is safe from the sorcery lightning storm and from what I’ve seen it shreds bases better than gods do, and much cheaper.

I’ve just been living out of bv’s and throwing up temporary shacks for crafting and stuff during the off-raid hours.

Good luck.

Aren’t you the one who kept pushing to get rid of body vaults… ironic

@s4ur0n27 All depends on the mode you are playing. Tbh I suggest if you are new you start on pvec as pvp right now is a crap shoot. Everyone is getting raided at a very low cost.

@Boobie yes, and I’m still for it, 100%. But right now there’s tons of other problems with this game so it can wait. Thank you for your support :+1:

Yeah I’m on PvE-C for now!

As long as Siege Elder Things is not enabled the other creatures won’t attack.

However if that setting under Maelstrom is checked then big baddies will start chewing on your base pretty harsh. Just check

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