Question about the Maelstorm

Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone could explain to me the Maelstorm.
(PVE-C Official Server PS4)

I have a 5x5 base + Another 5x5 Base that my friend built right next to me, we are insside the Maelstorm range at the middle of J-8.

I heard the Maelstorm monsters would atack and destroy the bases insside Maelstorm area, but its not happening?

I always get the Red light above my house, and monsters do spawn if we go outside the house during Maelstorm. But if we enter the house and close the door they just ignore us and dont even atack the house.

I tryed looking on Youtube and Conan Wiki but everything seems outdated. Im wondering this because i like some locations insside the Maelstorm area and i wanted to build a main big base there, but i dont know if i should since apparently it can be destroyed by Maelstorm mobs, which so far never happened with my Small base?

So… if i build a big base insside the Maelstorm will i get destroyed or not? If its just the mobs spawning outside im 100% fine with that just dont want anything 1 shoting my T3 fundations :thinking:

By default and on official servers, the maelstrom and maelstrom creatures do not attack or destroy your buildings.

So it would be safe to build a big base insside the storm area, the only downside is everytine i go out during the storm some nasty monsters will come for me?

Yes, if you are on an official server your base will be safe. The monsters will still attack you and your followers.

Alright thanks a lot buddy!
Don’t really mind them atacking me, just not the base!

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