Maelstrom when nobody is online - do buildings get damaged?

My Maelstrom settings are not working for some reason and am thinking of changing it to not need any players online (dedicated server) to kick off. But if it does go when I am not around, will it actually spawn elder things and siege beasts to attack my thralls and buildings?

Also, anyone know why the storms would just quit working? They were fine for me, but I made a couple changes to storm settings, to speed them up and last longer, but they just quit and now I can’t seem to find settings that make them work again.

If you have those two settings enabled, yes. Both the Maelstrom and Elder Siege things will happily destroy your buildings while you’re offline :slight_smile:

I’ve increased their duration and its worked fine for me. If you’re the admin of the server maybe try triggering a storm manually (“dc storm start” from the console) just to make sure they can occur then look to reset them back to their default settings and see if they occur naturally?

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