Maelstrom Server Settings wonky

we are playing on an private Nitrado Webserver (no Mods) since about two weeks and for the first 10 days everything was working fine.

Buuut then i changed one of the Maelstrom settings (requiered Players) and set it to two (we built a base in the Whirlwind zone and we didn’t want mobs to spawn and attack it if no one is online. Since then we did not encounter any Maelstroms (did not matter if there were 2/3/4 players online). Reverting the Settings and restarting the Server does also not work.

We can spawn a Maelstrom Whirlwind via Admin-Command so i guess just the triggers are wonky?
Anybody got an idea what i could do?

Solved it. Resetting everything completely, restarting the server and then starting the storm via console sovled it. Now the Maelstrom is working as it should and starts every 2 hours.

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