No Surges or Storms after 9/23 Patch?

See topic. Anyone else having this issue, or is my server just borked?

Using Hosav’s UI and Pickup+.

after patch my server settings for maelstrom and surges went to off by default

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Both are working for me but I don’t run either of these mods.

Looks like this was the issue, though I’ve no idea why they defaulted to ‘off’ - also worth noting that it’s just called ‘Storm’ in the config files, not Maelstrom.

My server (g-portal) have no more storm (maelstorm). I did turn off my two mods, then reinstal and use backup. On the end i removed server and instal new one. And you know what? I have no storm. In options it’s on, or off.
Even when i start with doing nothing, not even changing the server name - still no storm.
Any help?

Maelstrom is working just fine in single player. Hope that helps track down this issue for servers.

same mods in the server and single player. doesn’t work in the server. but does work in single player. i dont understand.

Is the storm enabled in the ServerSettings.ini as well? Are there any storm entries in there? I know that a lot of people have issues with g-portal’s web interface not saving the settings in the game files, effectively showing it is on, when it is off in the .ini file.

go all on on .ini, just checked it, tried to remove my config with previous one atm, will see if woking with default config for storm only, dont know if will work because i had some mods on serv, dont know if mods are blocking maelstrom

hey, here a picture of my defaultsettings

Command dc storm start does work but i need to do it every server restart.

Well, for my server the only what help, was totaly full reinstalation of server. But even then, after 3rd time maelstrom works fine. So…early access. :wink:

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