Surges are broken

Game mode: [PC | Non-Official | Multiplayer]
Type of issue: [Bug | Does not work |]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Canada]

Since the last hot fix (~2 days ago) the surge are not working as in no sure markers have been on the map for the past ~2 days and we always had surges

We have the same issue, no surges at all, not even wild surges, for the last 8 days or so.

g-portal servers?

Yes, g-portal server. It seems that after the 2.04 update, a server restart, and a “set to default” all the settings it is working again. Is there any special issues with g-portal servers that can cause this?

I am not sure but I read someone saying that they updated their web panel with “storm settings” around the time of the previous patch so not sure if they got it all right :wink:

I would suggest checking what is in ServerSettings.ini because it won’t be the first time when G-portal’s web panel doesn’t correctly save the settings in ServerSettings.ini.


Oh good to know, thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this related but the purge is not working either.

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This issue for me (with G-Portal servers) was that most of the storm settings are defaulted to disabled in their web editor. So if you never touch the storm settings, the storm/surges will work since it’s using the DefaultServerSettings.ini values which are all enabled. But once you touch any storm/surge setting in the web editor it will add the ‘false’ values to the ServerSettings.ini and you’ll have to manually change everything back to enabled.

That was the least of my problems with G-Portal. They have so many issues with settings constantly reverting, and many settings are duplicated in the ini, cannot remove them, they readd on a restart. Every day some setting had reverted back to default, I gave up and got a refund. I have zero issues on my new host.

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