G-portal Settings Are buged

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: Bug in g-portal settings
Region: Eu

I have rente a server in G-portal but several of the settings do not work! This is frustrating because this was the reason i rented a server, just to be abel to tweek the settings like i and my friends like it ! I have talked to G-portal service, witch are a wontherfull at servicing, but they cant do anything about it, they say the problem is for Funcom to fix! So pleas fix this because i have payed for it to work ! :frowning:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

You want Fail.com eehhh i mean Funcom to fix something but you do Not say whats it is.
And yes there Server Builds ar buggy as well.

Hello ! :slight_smile:

Always remember to shut the server down BEFORE you do any changes to your serversettings.ini file. In most cases you can’t change anything in the .ini file when the server is running.

Yes i do that or else i won’t be able to change anything… :wink:

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Now the server is ok after the update g-portal had ! :grin:

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