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[I rent my own server and for whatever reason my settings have reset and no matter what I do they will not save, I pay money for the ability to do this and I’m not happy about it. I was wondering why I was being messaged by users on my server why it was at official settings? When is this issue going to be fixed?]

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Yep, as explained in several threads including this one, this is a know issue.

For now, you can still change your server parameters through either your server management panel if your host gives you one, or by accessing the configuration file directly with the FTP (do you have this kind of stuff with xbx server however ? :thinking:). Don’t forget to shut down the server first, then reboot it !

Tried everything that I could think of… have the same issue. Would be nice if they`d comment on how long it will approximately take to fix it. People have servers to run… Íts been multiple days already.

Been after the same info for hours m8 and nothing from them even on twitter m8 its the same on pc and ps4 been told this bug was there on the test server but they still released it!!

Well, im german, so i am used to incompetence generating money… makes one patient.

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Contact me under GT: Master Dargan. Hope you have a mic. I can explain a temp work around for this problem.

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As mentioned, yes it’s a known issue and a fix is in the works.
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We are finalizing a hotfix for PC and will get it into CERT for consoles asap. As you know, unlike PC, we can’t patch immediately on consoles because the patch has to go through the certification process at Microsoft.

Fix is on the way, was patched today for PC.

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Wonderful news, thank you for the response.

THX mate, I will just wait though…

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