Server Settings Problem - Whose Issue

TL;DR - server setting issues on Xbox, Fix it, Fix if, Fix it

I’ve posted over on G-portal’s site, reaching out for some any info into a server settings problem, but I thought I’d post here too, trying to get the attention of someone who can actually do something.

Issues with server settings are not holding to what they were set to on Xbox, and from what I can tell, this is happening on the PS4 servers too. I see this has been going on for a few months, this is not acceptable. Since I am paying for a server, from the single solitary provider of said servers for XBOX, (absolutely ridiculous), I would at least expect that the services provided be of decent quality.

The settings can be adjusted IN game, to a degree that is, only the ones the in game menu allows. The more detailed settings on the server side which foul up just have to be dealt with. However, everytime there is a server reset the settings revert and have to be adjusted manually.

Not sure whose issue it is, G Portal or Funcom, but someone needs to get on it and fix this. OR Funcom needs to allow other server providers to enter the market. Perhaps if there was some competition, some decent reliable services would be provided.

Hello @arctodus517, welcome to the forums!

Could you please provide us with more information regarding this as per our guideline so that we may best help you?

Remember to share any useful data such as which settings are not saving correctly, how long have you been experiencing this, how consistently it happens, and so on.

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