XBOX Private Servers - Setting differences, g-portal vs in-game

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: US-East

XBOX Private server admin. Settings from g-portal do not match in game server settings. Which should we use? How do we get some of these issues resolved? Are these g-portal only issues or is this a funcom issue as g-portal is just the host?

  1. Welcome message no longer working. Regardless of it is set from in game admin settings or through g-portal settings.

  2. Set purge settings to match official server settings through in game setting as admin and the times do not show on g-portal.

  3. G-portal settings has some options that do not match in game settings. I am unable to find the friendly fire damage setting from the in game settings on the g-portal settings.

  4. There are extra settings on the g-portal site that have no text explaining what they are used for. Again, is this more of a g-portal should be able to explain these settings or should funcom?

I have made an inquiry with g-portal on what some of the extra settings are and they do not know.
I am happy to open a ticket with g-portal or post further issues here if one or the other is more appropriate.

I was told not to use in game settings. I finally was able to change my message of the day in…see more options on the xbox gportal and it takes you there. But I agree…there are settings for the purge etc in gportal that don’t match or aren’t explained. You’re not alone, I’m having trouble too. :slight_smile:

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