Maelstorm settings


i am trying to set up my server with the new settings. Maybe someone can help me. I would like there to be a longer break between storms, but the duration of the storm should remain the same. That they subside faster, because it is too long dark on the map. Also only 3 NPC groups should spawn per round. Otherwise there are too many on the map. Maybe someone can tell me how I can set this up best.

I have not played around with all the settings so can’t confirm it will all work the way you want but:

  • Cooldown between storms (the stage where you get the wild surges and you can summon surges):
    StormCooldown = 75.000000 (default is 75 min)

  • Accumulation/Dissipatation:
    StormAccumulationTime = 15.000000 (default is 15 min)
    StormDissipationTime = 2.000000 (default is 2 min)

  • Storm duration:
    StormDuration = 30.000000 (default is 30 min)

  • Number of random mobs that spawn in the storm & number of siege mobs (the siege ones spawn on buildings):
    ElderThingSpawnRate = 1.000000
    MaxAmbushElderThings = 200
    MaxSiegeElderThings = 5

  • Respawn rate of both:
    AmbientElderThingRespawnRate = 1.000000
    SiegeElderThingRespawnRate = 1.000000

Hope this helps.

P.S. The settings may not take effect immediately but as of next storm cycle (not sure if server restart is needed).

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