To devs: Less frequent storms, also surges?

Make them better and more rare.

It’s not “to devs” but “to server admins”: you can adjust timers for Maelstrom as well as the number of Wild Surges. By the way I like new surge pattern “1-2-5/6” very much. It’s very easy to get your first Thrall solo, and it’s harder to get some from the last wave (but more rewarding as you can get some decent ones).

There are 75 minutes between storms and they have a 15 minute build up (no monsters) and run for 30 minutes. That’s an hour and 15 minutes well really an hour and 30 between storms. Plenty of time imo to do things including summon a T4 surge. If you’re on a private server your admin can adjust the timer.

Kind of an odd side note…The storms are pretty loud and seem to always be going. The sound effects alone are relentless. Its much more pleasant to wander about in the exiled lands for sure.

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No I’m not talking mods. Officials ofc. Then why would I suggest it? exactly.

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