Maelstrom length and frequency

I play on official 6155, trying to get people in to siptah is like pulling teeth due to what seems to be almost persistent storms. There is maybe 40 minutes of non storm time, more than half of that in darkness most often, then a storm hits and it gets worse. To quote a friend “Id rather beat my dick with a sledge hammer” then play in a storm all day.

My suggestions… smaller storm area, longer time between storms, and a tad shorter storm times. Just a small tweak, not a huge nerf overeaction like normal.


There will be more content added to Isle of Siptah, that will increase the map size.
However, I do agree that the maelstrom should have an increased cooldown.

If star metal fell in exiles like storms in Siptah, we all would be arm pit deep in star metal.

knowing the only way to have decent thralls is to farm the storm to summon a surge, do you suggest to make harder to get thralls ?

i m strongly against it, took me 2 weeks to get t3 crafters, i dont want to make it harder.

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farm bosses, they yield 50 essences at once, so you only need 20 for the best surge.

What are the settings on that server?

It should be:
75 min - blue vortex/clear sky
15 min - storm build up
30 min - storm
2 min - storm wind down

While I question your friend’s judgment or (more likely) their adherence to truth in that statement, I agree that storms are too long and/or too frequent on the Siptah map. That’s IMO and without spending much time in the Maelstrom (still gearing up to make a full go of it solo, I fully reject cheesing it despite all the “pRo gAmErS” claiming it’s too easy).

Certainly worth making it a parameter in a (hopefully soon) upcoming economy balancing pass when it comes to the Siptah mechanics/Maelstrom/Surge.


so everybody building 410 foundation near storm to farm boss ? are you sure its good for health of server ? and to have a clean map ?

Hey Commodious,

I have moved this thread to the Isle of Siptah subforum, as it provides feedback on the Isle of Siptah DLC. The thread will be seen regardless.

It was mentioned for the devs to consider. If they thought that 410 is a good number, then they considered it ok. I don’t really understand why spamming is encouraged but it is what it is. Maybe they knew official servers will be spammed anyway, so they thought that at least something useful comes out of it :woman_shrugging:

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You don’t need to do that, just a medium building on the edge (which is a reasonable place to build anyway and will be hotly contested in pvp); and I don’t think the current solution, aka letting this “exploit” slide unfixed will be permanent

It needs to be 410 building pieces. It does not need to be 410 foundations.

It doesn’t require them to be foundations.

For example: if you were to build a “lesser wheel” base (for conditioning one thrall only)…

Assuming a perfectly flat location:
9 foundations (3 x 3)
1 door frame
1 door
11 walls
4 corner roof pieces
4 sloped roof pieces
1 roof cap
1 stairs (because rarely are you building in an area where you can just walk from ground to foundation without assistance)
Total: 32 building pieces (minimum)

(I think that’s about right; others can check to see if certain pieces don’t count, such as a door. If placeables count, then the wheel itself would push it up another point).

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I did some testing and I swear placeables counted, but other people have claimed they don’t. Your best bet is to go into single player and confirm it yourself one way or the other.

Thanks TheLOLxd2

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Sorry what darkness are you talking about? Its never dark on that map! Never a need to put up lights.

So maximun work on decorations work to then i guess?

Yeah. A small pad of foundations and 500 tankards.

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