So.. maelstrom?

hey i recently joined siptah and after 2.3 patch im a bit confused about the maelstrom… so i thought it was a hard/better rewarding way to farm essence, but now on official servers it is active for like 15 minutes every 2 hours or so… so whats the point anyway? when the boss “lloigor” spawns its already over and it vanishes, im currently farming essence from npc chests and i dont mind it, but i mean… is the maelstrom just useless for now? why would i bother going to? and the bosses :frowning: i wanted to kill the bosses/elder sieges or whatever they were called

I think the problem comes from the lack of accumulation time. Before you had 10 min notice, you could see there was a storm starting and had enough time to get there. Now, unless you happen to be there or follow the cycle, by the time you get there, it is over.

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Yes, I’d like to know where to find them now too. Is it just luck after initiating a purge within the Maelstrom area of effect?

Yeah the new timers are strange. I think they need to be modified a bit to fully enjoy/benefit from the storm. I did 15 minutes accumulation so there is enough time to prepare to head on in. I also increased the duration to 30 minutes, every 90 minutes. Seems like a better balance to me.

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