Maelstrom bosses dont spawn anymore?

Do Maelstrom 3 skull bosses dont spawn anymore on the Isle of SIptah? I cant get them to spawn anymore… maybe I missed something in the patch notes?

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Correct, they effectively removed the Siege Elder Things from spawning in the method many of us used to use in order to farm Greater ???

:musical_note: They don’t spawn anymore, like-they-used…to…do :musical_note:

Additionally, storm is only 15min long, so the dragon will spawn then despawn cuz the storm ends, not enough time to kill it

You can turn it back on if you are on a private server.

was not able to play siptah for a while, so now how do you farm greater zeal ? the one that allow to fill surge altar to 1000 quickly.

There’s 2 ways to get the greater ???. 1) i know the dragon still spawns in the storm in his usual spot, so there’s that, and 2) you can get greater, unstable, and lesser ??? from chests. the process become more passive now than direct. you can still also farm the storm for elder things and get the unstable and lesser ???, but as far as i know, the only way to get greater right now is the aforementioned.

thanks, so if i understand well it’s now harder to get, in past with help of 5 good thralls, was able to farm 12*18 greater per storm solo and do a surge 1000 every day, i guess it will be no more possible :frowning:

correct, that’s the same method i used to use as well. since 2.3 update i have not done a single surge. that said, i’ve almost accumulated enough ??? passively to do one. you can also get t4’s from camps, as mentioned. however, funcom has stated the ‘best’ thralls would be in surges and purges, whatever ‘best’ means.

oh! purges, if you didn’t catch that, are also on siptah now, so that’s a 3rd way to get t4 thralls on that map.

thanks for the info and answer biggins, well it’s sad, surge were fun to deal with for a solo player, was challenging and fun and was changing from the purge of conan. at least you was choosing when you launch it. when i think people where complaining about t4 thralls when it was just a matter to explain and understand how it was working, hopefully i caught may be 50 t4 before this last update but i will really miss surge 1000 chaos, was so fun.

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in the 2.4 testliveversion you can spawn Maelstrom 3 skull bosses “any time” (new mechanic) … i dont want to spoiler here

Yeah, I’ve avoided mentioning that. But it’s a welcome mechanic!

You can down them quickly by stacking status ailments. Sunder, Bleeding, Acid (poison ineffective). On average you can down x15 of those x3 skull bosses with this method…but thats before it was 15 minutes long so (shrugs)

Currently you can find them in the chests scattered across bandit camps. Ive found the most in the center.

Posted this same reply in another post but cross-posting here as it is relevant.

If you build a base in the maelstrom, and it gets purged, you have a chance of getting purged by Elder monsters and get a -tonne- of Greater ???.

You can trigger a purge now with a convergence trap and 200 normal ??? as well. A few nights ago we triggered 3 purges using the convergence traps. 2 of them were weak, but 1 of of the purges was a pack of Lloigors. It was one of the craziest PvE battles I’ve fought. There were 6 (I think 6?, but I’m not totally sure) waves of 3 skull Lloigors, each wave with 6-8 Lloigors in it. It was an intense battle, and by the end of it, we had collected over 120 Greater ???, and tonnes of dragon bones and dragon horns.

So if you want to fight elder things in large quantity: Build a maelstrom base, add a convergence trap, and invoke a convergence using 200 normal ???. Just be sure to have a bunch of thralls and hopefully some friends to help, as when you get a purge of Elder maelstrom monsters, you are in for a hell of a fight.

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we back in the day we were doing the poison, disease, sunder, bleed, acid + executioner’s axe/sword for a quick kill, never stood a chance, now it’s almost impossible to get them before the storm ends. Shame…

Thx so much for info

On official servers this mechanic is disabled, as you might know. My point is, if anyone still does maelstrom bosses on private servers, i am Sure that the duration of the maelstrom is Set to 30 mins.

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