[Bug] No 3 skulled mobs in maelstrom

Game mode: Online unofficial
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvE
Region: Europe
Mods: 1) Better Thralls 2) Less Building Placement Restrictions 3) Fashionist 4) Hosav’s UI Mod 5) DyeMoreBetter

Hi. Today its 3rd day 24/7 storm searching on isle of siptah for 3 skulled bosses.
we found 0 so far. no greater essence for us, and its frustrating… we were at border, middle, even the center around whole tower. NOTHING at all, only normal + 1 skulled. but 3 skulled never, why? I have a feeling this is bugged. NO ONE on the server ever saw a 3 skulled boss in the storm. We even tried bulding 177 foundations and walls with the Convergence Trap turned on, only normal mobs came. Nothing else. I was thinking maybe its mods, but well. Its not. I asked alot of people and most of them said they didnt saw one on officials or unmodded either.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Go to storm
  2. Do whatever you want, search. build, turn on the convergence trap
  3. No 3 skulled bosses spawn, so no greater essences. Its unobtainable.
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I’ve seen them on official and single player, make sure your settings have elder things and siege elder things turned on.

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We do have all of that enabled. No spawns at all.

Same here. We play on official PvE server and farmed over 3000 essences but never have seen a 3skill boss for greater essence. I think that they no spawn atm.

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Hey @Tenmaver

We’ll poke our team about this in case there is a proper issue with their spawn rates and not only RNG.
Thanks for the feedback.


This is the same on our private server, even fighting right next to the tower, no 3 skulls appear, so we cant get greater unstable.

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They spawn but you need a building in the Maelstorm. If you are on official you need atleast 41 building pieces.


That’s a lot of grind for something that can be 1 shot.
Do they need to be t3 or will t1 do?

No they dont, We tried no mods bulding 177 foundations exactly, and on top of thet a running Convergence Trap and nothing happened.

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Did you do T3 or T1 Foundations ? I tried in Singleplayer and there was elder things spawning.

Siege monsters (unstable essence ones) do spawn but the bosses do not. I spammed quite a lot of T3 foundations in Single Player to see if I can get the bosses to spawn but nope.

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T1, it spawns a siege no problem. But the siege is ONLY normal mobs or 1 skulled. you can build whatever you want, the 3 skulled bosses just wont spawn.

I tried it again, it seems they are only 1 skull now, I haven’t gotten any bosses to appear on Live or Singleplayer

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A few people have reported that they do have bosses spawn on their buildings. There was even a video of a person showing how to farm them. More tests are needed :woman_shrugging:

Maybe they have to be deeper in? I’ve only tried at minimum convergence trap distance

The only 3-Skulls I’ve seen on my server are two dragons that spawn atop hills on the ridge southwest of Leyshrine of the Fiends (eastern broken leyshrine). For us, they spawn in at 15 minutes after the start of the storm (i.e. the duration it normally takes for a monster respawn to happen).

However, only these two fixed 3-skulls seem to spawn – none of the random ones spawn, and none spawn to attack construction either. This even with default server settings for all things Maelstrom related.

Yea, lets hope this gets tweaked/fixed in next patch.
For us nothing worked even with default storm settings you can do whatever you want. Build large amounts of structures, be at middle of storm right at towers stairs or make Convergence Traps. Nothing seems to work (atleast for us). It makes the farming really repetetive and not fun.
But 3 skulled bosses? Bring the challenge on! (please :D)

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