Structures outside the Maelstrom and then connecting it with a 1x1 into the Maelstrom spawns 3 skull bosses

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: NA

tbh I cannot tell if this is an intentional thing, or a bug.

Confirmed on Live and Singleplayer

Building Large Structures outside the Maelstrom, and then connecting it with a 1x1 foundation into the Maelstrom spawns 3 skull bosses.

This video also shows how its done,

The issue with this is, it gives no reason to actually build inside the maelstrom, as you can safely build outside the maelstrom, and have no danger to your base or anything.

Suggested Solutions: Allow 3 skull bosses to only spawn in Convergence trap depth. And Not have based outside the Maelstrom add to Structure count for spawning bosses.

also just a side note solution, have T3 building pieces count for more pieces than T1. Otherwise people will just build in T1 as its cheap, and gets destroyed just as fast.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place 410+ structures outside the maelstrom
  2. connect a 1x1 of foundations into the maelstrom
  3. Spawn 3 skull bosses from the Maelstrom
  4. Farm them over and over especially if you have the foundations in a place they can’t reach.

how very shameless of you :wink:

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I’m pretty sure it is intentionally left in the game for now to be fixed later when a permanent solution presents itself.

You can also misuse this mechanic to destroy other people’s bases (even on PvE) and loot their stuff, since the bosses don’t despawn outside the storm area.

Which they really need to fix.

This issue has been brought up a lot, by multiple people and in many topics, and as far as I know, Funcom hasn’t bothered to even let us know whether it’s intended.

The building part to summon siege bosses is intended, but being able to do it risk-free on the cheap by only having dinky little platforms connected by a foundation spider to real, substantial structures in a safe area almost certainly is not. Placing everything that should be risked/damaged outside the storm except for a fairly small, cheap T1 platform is exploiting game mechanics to achieve an unintended result (risk-free ??? farming).

If structures aren’t actually inside the storm, they absolutely should not count towards summoning thresholds just because they’re connected to little bases inside the storm.

The issue is that the storm randomly destroys random parts of the building, so it’s completely disincentivized to do it “clean” because odds are you can lose any part at any time. What if 3 crucial foundations just happen to crumble and you lose 40 building parts on top of that. It should deal a set amount on the outside, so you get a chance to repair and have to consider materials and being able to reach the parts and such. Also 410 pieces is a lot for every storm. Even considering placeables, it’s just not very feasible unless you’re a clan.

I think there should be a set mechanic to summon bosses regularly, convergence traps could be a way, but generally speaking it’s just a bit much messing around and rebuilding.

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