Need advice on how to build a base in the maelstrom

So before I exit the exiled lands, having done a lot of the endgame activities on my PVE server, I’d like to experience a base defense in the maelstrom. I haven’t gotten a chance to fight a lot of the 3 skull bosses outside of the summoning pits.

A couple questions I have:

  • Will a Tier 3 base be sufficient enough to not be destroyed by the maelstrom wind itself during the storm?
  • How much damage does the maelstrom winds do to structures?
  • Will the base be damaged when I am offline and no one else is online (private server)
  • Does the entire base get damaged, or basically outer portions working inward?

The storm no longer does damage. U can build any place that allows.All u have to worry about is the meteors. They will destroy your base so don`t build in there zones.

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Oh wow cool. So do I still need to consider a choke point to funnel bosses into the base well?

I think the only difference is that in the very center (1/3rd radius?) star metal meteorites fall from the sky and IIRC, those do damage structures. That, and your pets get attacked by monsters spawning in when you’re on-line and nearby - so if you build there make your pets and thralls safe places to inhabit.

I’m not exactly sure how it works but it seems to me like if you stand still very few to no monsters will spawn. But if you ride around (50m here or there) they spawn often. So maybe setting a build trap or funnel for them and then laying in wait for the kill might not work. Try it I guess… nothing to lose.

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Ya I’m only talking about damage to your base from the storm.

Are you allowed to build during a maelstrom or is that still restricted?


I’ve noticed that during the storm as well, but I thought they are supposed to spawn 3 skull bosses inside the storm with a base 140 units or larger. Have you done this?

I’m not sure what you mean but a) I assume you mean 1-skull bosses - three of them? and b) all I know is if I stand still they seem to not spawn almost at all - but if I run around covering 50 to 100 meters or so (like in a circle or triangle shape) then they spawn one after the next so often sometimes there are multiples I have to fight.

Edit: Also to mention is, if you’re looking for a tactic, that if you have two or three T3 fighters with around 50 damage points on their weapons, you can just watch as the thralls do all the work. Set the thralls in some location, run out into the storm with no follower to get the spawns happening, then lead the monsters back into range of the fighter thralls. Easy work. (Attack distance 15, chase distance 10 or 15). And you don’t need a base there for that either. :wink:

Edit 2 (LOL): If on the other hand you mean that if there is a base in the area the storm will spawn 3-skull bosses, then no I have not seen that. When I work the maelstrom I hang out at some other person’s base and make use of their fighter thralls - often the base owner is present as well. The base is large but I don’t think I have seen any 3-skull bosses spawn… or if they did they were wimpy and I didn’t notice. -=shrug=-

Yeah apparently if the maelstrom is going and you have at least 140 unit base you should get 3 skull maelstrom bosses that try to wreck it.

Check out some videos of it, there’s a bunch of different bosses I believe.

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Can you link any? TIA!

ALSO I just realized is 410 building pieces not 140. Woops.

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Cool! Thanks for that!

Of note though… If you build veins like he’s suggesting and not complete looking “building(s)” and someone snitches on you, you run the risk of having your base demolished by admins - and if that’s repeated a few times a further banishment for some number of days (>7) along with the demolition. If you’re on a cool server (without snitches) it’s likely NP though.

I wanna try that now. In my case I’ll build it temporarily and demolish it a few hours later after I’m done - keeping my “home” in a nice pretty area with lots of mats around - which typically doesn’t describe almost any area inside the storm perimeters.

@kmanmott, The 3-skull bosses no longer spawn to attack buildings in the storm. Funcom changed how maelstroms work at the same time that they made it possible to build inside the storm. I believe this change was 2.4 update (not positive), it was about the same time they added NPC camps and officially ‘released’ the Siptah DLC. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but on the bright side, now you can safely build inside the storm without worrying about your defenses.

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Awh damn that sucks.

Wait so how do the bosses spawn now?

Some of them have fixed spawn points on the map but they can all be spawned at the pools of the grey ones.

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