T3 in the Maelstrom

Just some feed back, wasn’t sure where it should be posted as it didn’t seem like a Bug or a Suggestion.

T3 buildings gets destroyed just as easily as T1 in the Maelstrom, I’d love to see it increased to not be a 1 shot, so we could actually have a reason to build T3 and not just T1 in the Maelstrom.

Maelstrom settings can be adjusted in Server Settings. You can make it so building is not possible in the maelstrom (or it is). You can make the Maelstrom not affect buildings. And you can make monsters ignore buildings under a certain size (like wheel bases). There’s lots of options that CAN be done, but on official… I think its going to be preset.

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This one is good as its now, atleast mid is clear of building spams

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T3 is supposedly better at evading the random storm damage ray casts than T1. If the storm lands its cast though, pieces will explode regardless. The siege monsters will one-shot the pieces with the current default settings.

This is something we have discussed a lot in beta so please do provide feedback on it.

Right now the Small monsters, not the siege monsters 1 shot the building, I’m wondering if maybe a slider is off?

On Official PvE-C server, the Mi-Go Experiments and Demon Dogs just 1 shot any building tier. tbh I like that, but I think it should be 1 hit, per Tier. So Tier 3 would need at least 3 hits. That way you at least have a chance to repair it. Especially since the lightning likes to spawn things on the roof, and not just around it.

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It is really too bad there is no way to build sustainably in the storm due to monster/wind damage breaking building so quickly. This is a big part of why this map feels empty for PVE players. On the old map, my base design and location mattered because of purges but now I can just build safely on the edges of map and never worry about losing anything. It would be a nice progression payoff to finally be able to build a lasting base in the storm full of thralls capable of repelling the attack and not have to worry about the entire base getting 1shot by low level storm monsters.

I disagree, that is perhaps the single greatest advancement with IoS

Well, I’ve tried three different types of builds in single player to experiment with that concept.

In the Maelstrom zone:
Tier 1 - totally ripped to shreds; Tier 3 - lasts longer, but storm and monster damage still destroy it.

Edge of the Maelstrom zone:
Tier 3 - During the Maelstrom, the winds still pass through the walls and the sounds of the howling winds are loud for an indoor base. So the base stands and monsters don’t visit, but the environmental effects made it fairly unpleasant for a “home.”

Away from the Maelstrom zone:
Tier 1, 2, 3 - During the Maelstrom, the area gets darkened and there is some wind. But there is no howling wind and the area is still mostly pleasant (though gloomy – too gloomy for my liking). The Funcom art department made a beautiful map and then shroud it in gloomy darkness most of the time - I don’t get that. But that’s not my call.

The area away from the Maelstrom is too quiet. And yes, since there’s no Purge, there’s no reason in PvE to have any base defenses or walls or anything to protect you because you never need it. You don’t even need figher/archer thralls or pets or traps or even so much as a fence. And that animals that spawn nearby are tethered on a tight leash to stay in their spawn areas, so they won’t wander to your base either.

I don’t know, there’s a wolf that spawns on some cliffs a hundred meters above my base, and it regularly makes its way down the sheer cliffside to munch on my animals - so far it’s killed two gazelles and a crocodile. The day a Corrupted Wolf spawns in that spot it’ll clear out my base, I’m sure.

Either don’t park anything within its aggro range, or build something a bit closer to disable its spawn point.

And that is the problem with pve on this map, it’s super easy to live at the “edges”.

Having a no build zone in the middle, fine. But during a storm perhaps let the monsters wander all over. The bigger your base, the stronger the monsters.

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