Maelstrom damage on Siptah

Hi Dev team, I have a suggestion regarding the amount of damage that the Maelstrom does to building components on the Siptah map. From my testing it looks like, with default settings, that each building component has a chance of taking approximately 1,000,000 damage (yes, 1 million) every 5 minutes. This doesn’t lead to any sort of gameplay that we can interact with - the building component either exists or not, there is no middle ground. If building components took damaged slowly over time then it would create gameplay that we could interact with. I imagine a more desperate gameplay situation where your base is slowly taking Maelstrom damage while demons are turning up to wreck it while you run around with a repair hammer trying to fix it and your thralls defending against the demons.

A suggestion would be to dial it back to a possible 1,000 damage every 5 minutes as this would remove a T1 structure in a couple of Maelstroms (default 30 minutes each) but allow T3 structures to last much, much longer but still succumb after about 2 days of no maintenance.

Just my 2 cents, thanks for a great game!

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Hey Shazroth,

I have moved this thread to the Isle of Siptah subforum, as it provides feedback on the Isle of Siptah DLC. Your thread will be seen regardless.

By “overbuild” I assume you mean people could build very large or solid structures in an attempt to keep them forever? As your building gets larger your repair costs go up and it becomes even more time consuming to fix it and when the parts that get damaged and destroyed are holding up other walls and ceilings the whole thing comes down very quickly.

May I ask - have you tested setting it to 50k with T1/2/3 buildings? 'cause setting it to that level completely removes T1/2 buildings as options for building in the Maelstrom (which might be a good thing) and without constant repair T3s are a half empty shell after 20 minutes.

I haven’t tested it myself but they fixed that exploit in the 2.1.1 patch.

I know I was able to kite a siege eldar thing out of the Maelstrom before that patch though.

Yup, I’ve done exactly the same thing. I’m interpreting that as people trying to interact with the mechanics of the Maelstrom as they have to do it in some form in order to progress in the game (to get enough of the '???'s that you need).
I would suggest the reason folks are doing it with T1 components at the moment is due to the amount of damage that the Maelstrom does. It doesn’t matter if you use T1/2/3 components, they all last the same amount of time as the Maelstrom can one shot them all equally. If the damage was reduced, and possibly the rate at which damage was checked was increased, different player choices might show up. ie: there might be a reason to use T3 components.

So are you suggesting that being able to do that at all is undesirable gameplay or being able to do it with cheap T1 components is something that should be discouraged?

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