Maelstrom T3 bases = demon fodder

Yes I did it, and yes I got my A$$ handed to me in the first 5 minutes. Well my T3 building.

So the question is:
Is T3 building pieces suppose to crap in 1 to 2 hits by Elder demon things?

If so, it is a sad day indeed. I, unlike probably most, enjoy building in the more ominous foreboding regions. Hence the center with those giant slanted rock formations were begging for a stormglass cathedral of pain. But after my first maelstrom event and my whole walkway and fighting platform destroyed, I realised this is a loosing battle. Apart from the Siege beasts falling into the map but still destroying foundations, It took 1 fell breath of those demon dragons to annihilate a row of 5 foundations! The carnage was astounding.
It was fun, but at the cost it would take to rebuild every time it would not be worth it.

I know the bugs will be fixed in due time but I hope 1 shotting a T3 building was not intended.

P.S: The Elder demons are beautiful :heart_eyes: :smiling_imp: :heart_eyes:

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I have said the same in other threads on this topic, so I’ll keep it brief, but I really like that it’s (virtually) impossible to build in the centre on default/official settings.

Call me cynical, but I don’t have faith in an unmoderated community to do anything but screw up everything with overbuilding and trolling, unfortunately.


You know @Mikey in my time playing Conan I have never been able to play on official servers due to where I live, but on the one occasion I joined a no ping limit server…it was absolutely insane! I wholeheartedly agree with the unmoderated masses effing it up horrendously.

I just want to be on the forefront against the demonic horde swinging my axe! Without having to rebuild half my base every maelstrom.

I think what I was expecting or hoping for was something equal to a purge in the North of the Exiled Lands but just a little stronger. Now it is as @drachenfeles says a bit overboard.

We will have to wait and see what Funcom envisions, but to be honest with regards to the unmoderated masses and my private server play I think an admin slider is the safest way forward.

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Yeah that does sound awesome. But if you want something permanent, you must build it outside the Maelstrom.

The problem as I see it is that there’s no point at which you can have permanent structures in the Maelstrom that do not lead to the overbuilding problem. I guess it’d be possible to make a system where the low-effort trolls can’t keep it up, but people have shown a remarkable (and astounding) commitment in the Exiled Lands, keeping their stuff up for literally years in some cases. And then there’s the high probability that anything that deters trolls also deter any but the truly hardcore (non-troll) players.

Absolutely! It’s their game and their vision, ultimately.

Aye, absolutely. :beers: But it’s my understanding that such already exists - or does it not offer granular enough control?


I may have missed it in my stupor of new gorgeous content…I will have to go check! :beers:

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That’s a different subject.

Yes, i know. While on Conan Exile Lands we have Purges in PvE, they do not exist on isle of Siptah. So what i try here is to give a meaning of Building that are better then T1 from an PvE Eye of existence


Valid point @Seska1973. I am playing on a PvE-C server with building damage enabled certain times of the day. But apart from that…It’s all about how cool T3 looks!
I will gladly go through 5x the effort and make my places look sick AF :rofl:

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It’s already been said a number of times. Building in the Maelstom is not meant to be a permanent or easy thing. The bigger you build in there, the bigger and badder the spawns are - what would the complaints and screams be if some clan block-built the Maelstrom area? This mechanic is intended and a perfect way to stop anyone permanently blocking all those chests and materials.

If you play on private server, Maelstrom settings can be adjusted to whatever is wanted (same on Solo). On some private servers the settings are even higher to make it even more challenging.

There is no Purge on the Isle of Siptah. There is spam-build abuse on Exiled Lands blocking key storyline stuff. Isle of Siptah moves strategic, core game stuff into unbuildable dungeons and into the Maelstrom area. Excellent move. Has my vote (especially since it can be adjusted in Server Settings).

(I just wish this mechanic could be built into a refreshed Exiled Lands game sometime soon… :slight_smile: )


Aesthetics. Sure, flotsam looks nicer than sandstone, but it’s still nowhere near as beautiful and elegant as the T3 materials.

I was really, really disappointed in the convergence trap. Based on KiahOnFire’s video, I expected to get a bunch of nice goodies, like Khari steel and star metal ore. Instead, I wasted 5 delving bench slot machine tokens (i.e. 100 decaying eldarium) on stone, wood, tar, bark, etc. Turns out that YouTube videos often show the best RNG outcomes, not the average :wink:

But that’s not really a PVP thing, to be honest. If the convergence trap is so bloody useless on PVE, I can’t see why anyone would bother with it in PVP, where it would be yet another liability to take care of and protect from other players.

We went and checked and indeed there is a setting for Elder thing building damage, ours was at 0,6 multiplier. And it is possible to adjust it to minimum 0,1. So further testing is required.

It would seem as though the theories are correct concerning the unmoderated. And after our discussion @Mikey I honestly hope that that is the case for building center Siptah.
Who knows, maybe Necro might be able to join a official server in the future and I would rather not contend with unmoderated center building on masse!

And if testing goes well I might still have a chance to build my bastion of demon slaying on our server!
Thanks for all the discussions guys, I love this community!

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