Maelstrom Feedback!

English is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes.

Maelstrom feedback:

As of right now on Funcom’s official servers and other community servers there is one popular way of farming the Maelstrom T1/T2 mobs with poison arrows from top of pillars around the middle of the center.

The way the Maelstrom worked from what we have tested is that the longer you
stand in the storm, the more mobs will come and it really picks up after 15 minutes
when it rapidly spawns more and more until 15 more mins has passed (30 mins total).
Also what we found out is that the more people that stack up together in a area the
more mobs will spawn bringing the servers to its knees.

We have tested with 1-3 players and when we did it as 3 the server crashed cause
it simply got too many mobs in one spot. So going no more than 2 is the safe bet
for not crashing.

Each time people do the event the servers end up at 1020 ping and server FPS at 1.

The elder/siege mobs never spawns on our current server, even with building in the maelstrom area before it starts. Yes we have tested with over 100 building blocks and it did not work.

Maelstrom/Leyshrine Suggestions to fixes:

  • Limit the number of spawned mobs that comes from the Maelstrom.
  • Its fine with x amount of spawns with x amount of players in a area, but scale it down so the numbers will not be overwhelming.
  • Instead of having so many T1/T2 mobs replace them with Elder/Siege mob instead.
  • Make the Maelstrom mobs immune to poison arrows!
  • Make it so its actually a engaging fight that you can bring your thralls to, as
    of right now theres 0 reason to bring a thrall or even a melee weapon. Just stay on top of a pillar and shoot poison arrow is not the way it should be!
  • With this change to lesser mobs which equals to lesser essences, bring the cost down to 500 instead of 1000 on the Leyshrine for the most powerful surge!
  • The converting of ??? in current meta takes 25 minutes to craft 1000 Swirling chaos from Unstable ???. Reduce time to craft please or change the ratio.

Hey Aly,

I have moved this thread to the Isle of Siptah subforum, as it provides feedback on the Isle of Siptah DLC. The thread will be seen regardless.

you should become the new lead designer! too bad you had to pay to provide this good feedback.

  • one little extra suggestion would be to make it so that the first wave of leyshrine can have something usefull. currently you have to clear all Plattforms to get anything.
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Thank you! I dont know about being lead designer they must be under a lot of pressure and all in all I’m happy with what they have done with Isle of Siptah, Funcom is doing a good job regardless of all the issues.

Hopefully they make the mobs immune to poison, nakeds are bringing our servers to the knees atm with lag during peak. Imagine being naked and clearing the “hardest” content in Conan with no more than poison arrow as an investment.


Yes to all of this! Agreed!

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This needs to be fixed soon.

How else are players supposed to be able to handle the massive spawn ins of those creatures? They spawn too often, and keep spawning faster than they can be killed. A player just standing on a rock without attacking them would cripple a server

We build just a little ways into the storm, over past the demon leyshrine. Put down about 300 t1 foundations and we manage to get 4-6 3 skull or blood defilers each time. Its manageable there as well, regular lightning strikes and spawning but no mass mobs. We tried further in and had to bail lol

They could just add some more thralls with ranged attacks. That would help.

Actually, the Maelstrom ought to prevent the use of ANY ranged weapon. With winds at that speed, there’s no way an arrow would fly straight (or throwing axe or javelin or orb). As soon as it left the bow (or your hand), it ought to be whisked away. If you can’t hold on to it, it shouldn’t be viable in the Maelstrom.

And it would be ‘realistic’ if the winds moved you around while you were trying to fight, too. Especially if you put up a shield to block something (and really catch a ‘wind full’).


They key to fixing the maelstrom isn’t in taking away power from the players, that’s a terrible way to fix the maelstrom. Folks suggesting the complete disabling of ranged weaponry are making a terrible choice.

The trouble is that the spawning inside the maelstrom is unmanageable and inconsistent. Theoretically, the way to make the big bucks would be to fashion up a large temporary base, coaxing a siege out of the maelstrom and defending it while some convergence traps buzz in the background and pump out resources. This way dealing with the maelstrom is a project, it’s enjoyable, it’s chaotic, it’s profitable by the end.

In practice though, maelstrom enemies spawn so frequently that you literally can’t handle them outside of gas arrow cheese. Me and a friend have tried building temporary bases in the maelstrom and havent seen any 3 skulls spawn at all, we could just be unlucky, but this is after several days. Couple that with the absurd damage from maelstrom thralls and it just doesn’t come together well.

Fix the spawnrate issue so you don’t get flooded with 30 mobs at a time, increase the siege spawn mechanic. Those two things fix it overnight. This way, it isn’t profitable or sensible to use gas arrows to farm mobs, since they’ll only spawn a few at a time without investment, and players that take the time to invest into a siege base will walk away with considerably more ??? and a few good boss fights.

Half the reason you can’t bring a thrall into the maelstrom is because those spawnrates get out of control, you’d basically just be feeding your limited thrall count to a lousy mechanic. Make the surges cost less, reduce spawns, increase siege/boss spawnrates, reduce craft time on maelstrom energy, add tier 2 crafter thralls to wild surges - bam, all the needless grind and lousy parts of the expansion fixed. Ezpz, doesn’t even require any advanced coding, just moving some sliders around.


I agree with this entire comment. As players, we are simply adapting our strategies, cheesy as they might be, to combat the current mechanics of the maelstrom. Change the mechanics of the maelstrom, and we will be forced to change our tactics. In my opinion, no tactic is “cheesy” if it gives you a “W” in the win column.

The creatures spawned by the malsteom is simply an unwinnable fight without orbs or gas arrows. The mobs do such incredible damage, and spawn so frequently there is simply no other way to fight them without gas arrows.

I don’t want to be too negative but I’ve spent the last week butting my head against this system and it’s current state it is the death of enjoyment of this expansion. It needs looked at urgently. Player resorting to cheesing the event with poison arrows is much more a symptom than the problem itself.

-I’ve never seen a 3skull maelstrom mob despite hours of grinding. Multiple people seem to be reporting this so it may well be a bug, if it’s natural spawn rates they need fixed. I rent a private server, no one has ever seen one, I’ve spent literally hours trying to see if it’s a settings issue, and defaulted the settings. I’ve also tried in single player (adjusting only the cooldown on Maelstoms) still no spawn.

-The mobs are over tuned. They can be fought but they feel really spongey to fight. The damage on the dogs is WAY too high.

-The scale up on ambushes is just broken. It goes from waiting between fights to being overwhelming instantly.

-1000 essence cost is just ridiculous. If you get 100 in a run you are doing well, so it’s grindy to extent that a system with <1% spawn chances wasn’t, which is fairly shocking. And you still don’t have an amazing chance of getting a what you want with those 1000 essence.

-It doesn’t scale with player numbers. A single player and multiple players pooling resources will have a massively different experience.

Ultimately I’ve resorted to cranking down the essence requirement. Currently to half but I’m leaning to 1/4 being sensible. But that doesn’t really fix the problem, just reduces the need to engage with it.


My biggest problem is the amount of lag the maelstrom is causing on the official servers. On 6111, we have 31 players online. Server ping was over 1000, and FPS around 2-3 during maelstrom. So for 30 minutes or more, we are all lagging like crazy Maelstrom finally ends, server ping drops to under 200, and FPS is 10-12. Please tweak this so it is not such a heavy burden on the server resources.

Its not the maelstrom itself that is causing it, it is potentially the hundreds or thousands of dead bodies piling up from people farming the mobs. I believe I saw a comment earlier of them saying that they will attempt to solve this farming method in another forum post

Found the post

I like your thinking, alas what would the poor players with archer fantasies do. I really like your realistic approach but taking away from a certain group of players might cause more harm than good.

I think the obvious solution is the rapid implementation of the amounts of demons spawning to be capped. I love the idea of drawing the gaze of evil in the maelstrom but if the fantasy interferes with the technical side of things I expect Funcom to address this issue post haste.
(Along with adding demon head trophies, dyeing mount saddles and fixing glowing goop :sweat_smile:)

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may be changing the farming of thrall, because actually even if you use poison arrow it take at least 5 hours of gameplay to collect around 500 unstable, with those 500 unstable you can launch a surge, but you will still have very low prob to get a t4 thralls. so in actual state of the game, let’s say you search for a t4 blackmsith or armorer, it will take you dozens and dozezns of hours (i will say bettween 25-50 hours of gameplay using poisoin arrow). so well lol without poison arrow, just forget to get any thralls, as it will take you thousand and thousand of hours before been able to get a t4