Maelstrom Need to be Changed

Anyone know what gives a server a heart attack? Yeah, farmers harvesting maelstrom mobs. Server ping goes to 1020 and frames go to 2. It turns the game into a slideshow. This is from people are farming the mobs with poison arrows and acid arrows. But it is because Funcom didn’t think about this. I suggest you remove the damage to these creatures from poison and gas, and then reduce the total amount of ??? needed by leyshrines for a full thrall summon to 1/5th of current requirement.


I Agree with making then inmune to gas related projectiles,

lowering the cost of SURGES no! simply no, in fact make it harder to summon, but with a guarantee t4 crafter.

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Based on the experience of the last weeks there is a lot of balancing to be done:
IoS wants you to go that way:

  1. Build a base, get Tier 3 Thralls from local surges and get Tier 1 Crafter Thralls
  2. Farm dungeons (vs. other players on the server and vs a cool down) for Eldarium and get Sigils
  3. Farm the Maelstrom for more Eldarium and ???
  4. Get enough Eldarium and ??? for the Ley Shrines.

Imho this grind is too big to be fun. We tried this with 2-3 players with 3 fighter Thralls from Level 12-20 with best possible gear (no Tier 4 crafter, but Legendary Weapons)
We lost 2 of the Thralls for 20 ??? and we always lack Eldarium big time. I guess we are back at 200 now after 15 dungeon runs and at 40 (normal) ???

That would be okay under certain circumstances to keep players playing, but the big issue I have with it are:

  1. You need way to many Thralls - which means leveling them, having good stats and basically wasting time on those Tier 3
  2. Even when you start the biggest Ley Shrine Surge your outcome is still completely random.
  3. Building in the Maelstrom Zone is (with normal settings) completey unrealistic and not cost-effective at all.
  4. Pets are even more useless now because their stats are still worse than Tier 3 thralls with Armor and Legendaries but you still have to level them.

What I’d do:

  1. increase the droprate of Eldarium
  2. increase the droprate of ???
  3. give Maelstrom mobs different immunities so you have to fight them without being able to cheese them
  4. make Pets finally scale better
  5. The curve for advancing on IoS should be steep but not exponential and it sadly feels exponential right now

If people are farming Maelstrom mobs with poison arrows and lagging the server. Report them. Its a bannable offense.

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The reason that people gas and farm them is because the grind is ridiculous for a small clan, not to mention the difficulty for a small clan to actually engage the maelstrom for the effort to be worth anything, the fact that Siptah is in EA means the mechanic that is in place can be debated. I don’t think they should be immune to gas but it depends on what changes can be agreed to make a better experience. lowering the requirement for the shrines to be maxed is a better idea to me, as well as increasing the spawn rate of t4/named thralls at that level, but the maelstrom itself needs improvements, I think the size of the storm is taking up too much of the map but if that won’t change then there should be a way to at least teleport maybe with a ship to the other side of the island, as ive read the map is 75% of EL which is still quite the distance to travel on foot or even with a mount. I don’t see how they missed how much memory the npc spawn ends up taking on the server host because even on EL the amount of npcs engaged with a populated server should equate the same consumption, or they already knew and released it anyway to acquire more funds or get people playing again.


Its not a banning offense.

Yes, it is.



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its also least efficient… farming 3 skull bosses the legit way yields more choas per storm anyway.

I get why they do it, but running that gauntlet to edge out chaos isn’t worth it. Build a base off maelstrom, link it to the outer skirts of the storm, throw down some pets, and farm it… more fun, more chaos and doesn’t invoke the wrath of the entire server …

Is there a reason you have to link the base on the outside. Can’t you just build a platform inside and lay down the pets?

Your platform would be destroyed by the storm siege mechanic.

How is a cloud of gas working in a maelstrom? , doesn’t make sense


LOL, I stand corrected. But, in my defense, both of the posts you pulled those responses from have been closed, and one has been unlisted!!! How in the hell is the player base going to KNOW this for fact if the Dev’s hide their responses!

The player base knows … I’d wager that thread was closed was the total player base :rofl:

Anywho people can weasel their way into any argument on fair play vs exploit all day in this “community” which is why there is such a poor following of the game. Rather than fix a problem folks tend to lean more to “keep that mechanic open because it gives me an advantage over others” b.s …

This game community on this forum blows my mind on how much effort and lengths they will go to be jerks to other players over mechanics that clearly are not part of the design teams intended gaming experience. Rather then hold funcom accountable for poor quality assurance issues folks are happy to retain the issues and haggle over semantics in wording of complaints about it.

Does cheesing AI on mesh suck the complexity and challenge out of the game. Yes. Can it be solved. Yes. It requires someone at funcom to read more about navmesh in the unreal engine - I can even point them to the how to if they like.

Hell I wrote a mod for GTA5 that does better AI and Thrall navmesh using the RageMp engine (which was built in 2013)

It’s really not a hard fix at all … just means effort and focus two things not happening with this game atm

So haggle the exploits all day but look around on servers when you see pop is peaking at 5-10 people … there’s your answer on “is this still a good thing for us”

Now I have to go deal with undermeshes on my siptah server … they have a god now and most of their crap is under the mesh … nice work funcom …if only they understand how if you voxelize the entire world mesh, take that data and apply a small sqrt formula for when placeables are put down… this could all be easily mitigated

But here we are … yet again

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Gonna be honest with you my dudes. I’ve put 200 hours into siptah the last few weeks because I’ve had nothing better to do - I really don’t see how this map has any potential as a pvp experience, and as a pve experience I think the systems are too flawed to change. You can make a lot of tweaks to reduce the grind a bit, but I think that functionally and from a design perspective these systems don’t actually encourage the kind of gameplay anyone is looking for. I’ve dipped out and so has nearly everyone else I’ve played with.


Hey, can you point me to the how to? I’m actually curious about what you’re referring to.

For the record, if you can properly chain together boss kills, you can get 650+ ??? essence per run into the maelstrom without lagging the maelstrom with gas arrows. It doesn’t help though since the surge mechanic is so terrible the droprate on decent thralls even from tier 4 surges is terrible, and you can’t actually even do surges on pvp servers without donating half the thralls that spawn to the inevitable horde of c-cksuckers that show up on horseback.

It’s not even the ??? amount that matters here, like I said in my earlier post, the mechanics themselves are terrible from a gameplay perspective. There’s no point in it. Even if you get 700 ??? per run, and do a tier 4 surge every day, that’s 5+ hours of farming every day for a week before you’ll see anything more than named dancers because the thrall spawnrates are trash.


We can get from 800 to 1100 in a single maelatrom.

We do twice a Day (10 man clan)

T4 are eate yes but it happens, if made too easy the game becomes Boring really fast.

We got today 2 named arnorers, 1 named taskmaster and 1smelters out of that two big surges we did today, yesterday was only a tanner, 2 days ago was 2 named carpenter. In some ocasiona there is no named ones…

Ill say make it harder to get a full level surge, increase chaos to 3000 but have a guarantee random t4.

3000? You have a 10 person zerg. Only someone in a clan like that would suggest this as a change. Absolutely not.


So you’ve got 10 people dedicating 5 hours a day (50 man hours) to farm a mechanic that, by your own admission, sometimes doesn’t give you any named crafters at ALL, and on a good day with multiple tier 4 surges you’re still walking away with smelters and duplicate armorers…

So you’re a 10 man clan on a pve server with all the time in the world to burn and no sense of scale or decency for the rest of the playerbase, essentially. Unfortunately, very common on these forums. Just keep in mind that in some other game modes, the thralls you get aren’t permanent decorations in a base that will never be harmed, they’re temporary resources that last as long as you can keep them, and obtaining them involves an awful lot of conflict in its own right. If you can still barely churn out named thralls on a safe, protected pve server with 10 people helping you farm, maybe making it MORE expensive isn’t the way to go…


But also: several T4 crafters and other, this is rng but it should be farmable equally as in Exiled Lands

You can find a few named thralls on Exiled Lands in 1 evening focusing on finding thralls.
But on Siptah not even in a week. First you have to do dungeons, then you have to farm mobs in storm the legit way, and then trigger the surge, which gets near nothing… (these stupid hyena’s, goats, wolfs and werewolfs they’re useless %^#).