Add a periodic "no climb" debuff to Maelstrom

Okay, so by now we all know that cheesing the Maelstrom causes serious server performance problems. There are many ways that could be solved, but here’s one, courtesy of my clanmate’s idea.

Add a periodic debuff to the Maelstrom that makes you let go of whatever you’re climbing. Time the frequency so that you can still climb really small ledges, but not cliffs and pillars.


Id be for just not allowing climbing when in the high winds of the Maelstrom. I mean good luck trying to climb something while in a hurricane. Let alone, a supernatural one with Eldritch Horrors.

A timer turning off and on climbing might actually be server intensive and cause lag. Based on the way they designed it. But if its just off for the duration of the storm, it would just be one volume that appears, and stays for awhile, so I would imagine the impact would be minimal.

I like the idea, but players could still camp the zone before the maestrom starts while other players kite mobs to the area. Maybe if the maelstrom randomly knocked back players inside the maelstrom, or as some other games has done, making those spaces imposible to stand on them.

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Aw, crap, you’re right. Honestly, maybe they should just make those few spots unclimbable.

They can have mobs from the maelstrom “teleport” or “respawn” next to their target if they cannot reach or path to them. With the lightning effect of course.

The game The Nether did this, outside of the games other problems, teleporting dimensional enemies did an amazing job to make pve difficult to cheese.

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Perhaps adding another corruption-like debuff that can actually kill the player.

Imagine if we could get corruption for staying there for too long, and it would after some time become lethal.

This would both encourage players to kill things fast for loot, while also ensuring that they won’t idle there for too long.

The Maelstorm already scales the enemies based on players taking part. Solo players will be fine.


Damn, that’s right too. Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

No offense taken. It does feel that way, but I’m just tossing ideas out for stopgap solutions until they fix the underlying problem. The server I play on has gotten pretty bad lately, and I would rather they apply a cheap hotfix, than try to get whoever is the culprit banned.

I like this. I like it a lot. Don’t know how difficult it would be, but I can definitely see it working.

Again, there are only a few spots that can be used like that anyway. So they don’t even need to have the enemies respawn or teleport there. Just make the enemies start spawning on those spots if there are players chilling there.

Dammit that’s my job!


Hey CodeMage,

It is likely that a nerf in the spawn rates -or bodies piling up- will help reduce these issues. (They could also increase the hit or miss factor -or damage- for poison arrows; I don’t call myself a PvP expert…) I’m sure a “barbarian mode” button can also be added next to the spawn rates server setting to satisfy your play style.

I’d like to hear how a “no climb” would make sense lore-wise. “I walked into a storm so I can’t climb anymore”… if I were in a storm and want to get out of it I’d usually climb out of it - not that it is relevant here, but it wouldn’t quite make sense not to be able to climb all of the sudden if you’re in a dangerous situation. (Unless if you’re in a map with towers and none of these towers have ladders or even enough parts you can grab onto to climb…)
Conan’s a strong guy. No hurricane stopping him from climbing a few rocks imo.

I have moved this thread to the Isle of Siptah subforum, as it provides feedback on the Isle of Siptah DLC. The thread will be seen regardless.

If there are some ranged mobs it will be harder to camp on a pillar
Mobs that spit poison with aoe effect so that you can’t stay on the same spot even with shield

I don’t believe the devs ment this to happen this way… camping on a pillar…

How many explosive jars does it take to bring down a windmill?

Or, more relevant to the topic: can you climb on top of a windmill in the Maelstrom?


It’s not that I don’t empathize. I do. But it really is supposed to be harsh. If you’re not prepared for the swarm, you’re supposed to run or die.

The problem is that I haven’t yet discovered how to “be prepared for the swarm”. I don’t know what the devs’ vision for handling the swarm is. We all know by now that it wasn’t “climb up and gas 'em”, or they would’ve caught this problem.

It would be interesting to hear what the beta testers did in these circumstance, if they’re willing to share.

So, shamelessly pinging @Larathiel and @Narelle :stuck_out_tongue:

Two things:

  • Forget the “no climb” idea. Other players in this thread explained why it wouldn’t work and I agree. :smiley:
  • My original motivation for creating this topic was to toss out a “cheap” stopgap measure to deal with the current Charlie Foxtrot. As such, the goal is to figure out the mechanics first and then we can worry about the lore. :wink:

The storm is not my thing (not a fan of the horror setting) but I just run away and reset the spawn rate by leaving the zone at the 15 min mark, then I return and farm the remaining 15 min in peace. Others have a lot more experience than me in this regards.

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TBH, I’ve done more with the storm since early access began than I ever did during beta.

Like she mentioned, @Narelle and I weren’t exactly fond of the horror stuff and while we farmed enough essence for minor leyshrine surges, we didn’t do much with it – particularly after transitioning from the test server to co-op and single-player. As such, a lot of our leyshrine tests were done by spawning essence to see what the various surges were all about, and (in some cases) griping about the low rate of T4 crafter spawns.

It really wasn’t until I got my own server up and running on Siptah (once we all entered Early Access) that I can recollect dealing with the crazy number of spawns once you’ve been in for a long time.

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Thanks, @Narelle and @Larathiel. If you guys can think of anyone you could tag here (and think that doing so is appropriate), I really would love to hear about a beta test experience with the Elder Thing swarm and essence farming.

I try to discover things in the game on my own, but I’m not beyond asking for help. At this point, I really would love to hear from someone who dealt with the (???) essence farming successfully.

“Climbing a rock and shooting arrows is an exploit!”
“Make it impossible to climb, so idiotic AI can hit you”

Are you serious guys?
The solution to stupid AI is to block human creativity?
“An archer should not stay on higher grounds and shoot arrows, it’s not fair!”
Geez tell me I did not read that!

The solution is (would have been) the same since from Exile lands: enemies should be able to climb, to fly, to reach out for you.
Damn freaking spiders are not able to climb, you have to fix that and not nerf your options to fight and face the enemies.
Damn… crocodile should swim and bats should fly… baaah, forget this ^^

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You should know that a lot has changed as well. Not everything works the way it used to in beta. The storm and surge mechanics were under active development. I know a person or two that could share some more inside on the storm but we agreed to not disclose the names of the beta testers unless they want to reveal themselves.