Ideas for a better Siptah (to me)

Hey there !

So, I know everyone has their own way of playing, so I don’t know if my idea will look good to everyone, but I think it’s still worth sharing :slight_smile:

Because of different work shifts, my friends and I can’t play a lot together, and we often don’t have more than a few hours to play per day (IF we have time).

This makes the maelstrom cycles very annoying, because when it happens, you don’t wanna miss it, so you feel like you HAVE to go farm it, or else you won’t be able to get nice thralls any time soon :confused:

But I really don’t like feeling forced to farm something (just expressing how I feel, I know it is not mandatory to farm the maelstrom when it happens), and it’s a big turnoff to me…

Also, the maelstrom is HUGE, and it’s a shame we can’t build in it except as a bait, and not a base. I am in love with the map’s landscapes, so discovering that you can’t LIVE in like, half of it, has been very disappointing to me :confused:

So, I know my opinion may differ from that of those who like the freshness of the maelstrom system compared to the old map ; but I was hoping for something like, “new looks, same gameplay” when Siptah was announced, so it’s only my point of view :slight_smile:

What I think would be awesome (to me, feel free to disagree of course !) is like, the maelstrom being a permanent instance, like, the void doesn’t come to the map, YOU go to the void and beat some sh*t :wink: that would make the maelstrom available 24/7, regardless of the times at which you CAN play, and it would allow more building space !

Also, about highest surges… why make 60% of it special thralls you can’t knock off ?? As someone who often plays alone, it makes the surges very painful and disappointing T-T I don’t mind the difficulty, I just wish I had more chance of having useful thralls in the surges that kick my *ss :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reading :smiley:


Some very good points :slight_smile:
For me - I’m kinda glad it isn’t just ‘new looks, same gameplay’ (though I suspect I would also have been quite happy with that) - I like that they are trying to do something different, even if I don’t feel that it is really working in it’s current form. (It tends to feel like the game balance has been focused around large groups all available to play for extended periods - but Funcom also appear to have acknowledged this to some extent, so hopefully future updates will help address that issue.)

I really like this suggestion - while it wouldn’t solve all of the issues, it would certainly solve the one you are aiming it at. And as a side effect it might fix the lighting issues on Siptah - surely whatever form a portal to the maelstrom might take couldn’t possibly have as much impact on the lighting across the entire map as the current storm does - one of the things that’s having a seriously negative impact on my experience on Siptah. (As I’m sure I’ve probably posted at some point before - oppressive darkness only has the intended atmospheric impact if it isn’t used to excess.)

Sadly, I think such a big change to the mechanics is unlikely. But we can dream :wink:


My husband said to me the other day “the nights need to be darker” to which I replied that the map is in semi darkness a lot of the time anyway due to the storm. I’m finding the constant state of semi darkness a bit depressing.


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