My Isle of Siptah feedback and suggestions

The new siptah map is very interesting and I like it, it features increased scarcity and danger which are good IMO.

Positive Feedback

  • Thralls are now very valuable and rare so allowing me to buff them and heal them with potions and bandages is a good move <–keep this

  • I like it that sigils can be lost or looted on death ← this makes death more significant and fits in with the scarcity / danger motif of siptah map

  • There is a new biome, the ocean, which is currently unused right now, but I think funcom could do some very interesting things with it. Resources that are not obtainable on siptah island should be found there IMO.

  • Sigils can be looted or lost on death. ← I like this it is a change that adds to the danger/scarcity theme of siptah

Changes or suggestions

  • Make the bandaging animation breakable. Its simply too annoying as it is now.

  • Rhinos are too scarce and they’re utility is way too low for how scarce they are.

  • The leyshrine summoning gives T2 or better crafting thralls too rarely. The Leyshring surges have too many waves and are a boring slog to fight through. They aren’t fun IMO. Increase drops of better quality crafting thralls.

  • leyshrine summons of surges should have less waves of humans.

  • Lower quantitties of “???” material shoudl still be able to deliver useful results at a leyshrine. However lower use of ??? material will result in “dirty” summons that also summon monsters who can kill thralls and/or you. More ??? gives “cleaner” surges that have a much higher rate or even guaranteed drop of a T2 or better crafting thrall.
    Dirty summons can have monsters, clean summons have no monsters and way better spawn rate of T2 or better thralls than there is right now.

  • There should be different ‘Sated’ buffs corresponding to each tier of food, low, mid grade and high grade. Each tier of sated buff gives better healing. this makes food have a point in the game which it doesnt right now.

Suggestions that are toward the scarcity/danger theme of Siptah

  • Maelstrom should require a sandstorm mask.

  • You should also not be able to survive in the maelstrom without any sigils.

  • You should get damaged or corrupted if you approach the tower (black soil area) without any sigils. Sigils should be a pre-requisite for going anywhere near the tower.

  • There should be more content and better drops at the tower, 1 skull red/yellow wight bosses have too many HP for the nothing that they drop

In the latest patch, they reduced the number of waves from 7 to 5. Let’s try that out for a bit and see if they need to be reduced more.

No. Completely disagree with this one. You don’t need a mask in a hurricane or a category 5 tornado. And requiring a mask takes away an armor slot that you’ll need when fighting the Maelstrom generated monsters.

** One note: if you want to require Sigils as a key game mechanic, then when looting a chest, the sigils should be available to all your party members (clan), not just the one person who opens the chest. You shouldn’t make a clan of, say four, run the same vault four times for each person to get ‘their sigil.’


Exactly. The storm is challenging enough as it is. The action is really slow at the beginning, but the more monsters you defeat, the more and faster they keep spawning. Sacrificing the helmet slot would be a step too far.

This! A thousand times this! Either make sigils available to the whole clan, somehow, or make consuming a sigil apply it to the whole clan.

But to be honest, I’m against most of the sigil mechanics proposed in here, especially these:

PS: @GudAtGaims, the sated buff already gives different amount of healing depending on the food. There is a difference between a grilled steak and a roasted haunch is there, for example. And the difference between a grilled steak and a cooked abysmal meat is very, very noticeable.

Please, no sandstorm mask, I left the Exiles lands behind me, I don’t want another item in my inventory to swap to. The maelstrom is really nice as it is, because it is an otherworldly storm. It’s not physical per say, and the wind is not completely physical. It’s more of a sorcerous wind. I think that’s a very cool concept, they shouldn’t ruin it with mundane crafted items.

The whole point of the maelstrom is that it is never under the player’s control. Its point is to be mysterious, therefore not be able to be countered through regular means. I think the points towards sorcery make much more sense, but it is not of the same kind as the sandstorm and I’m glad that stupid mask is gone. I didn’t like wearing it.

This maelstrom is much more engaging as a mechanic. It should be mysterious.

For goodness sake, you suck resources out of it, like dragonbone and highend crafting ingots. What would a mask accomplish for something like that? Um, make you stop breathing the air form of star metal? It wouldn’t make any sense, it’s not the Corona virus, leave the masks to the real world.

I don’t wanna hear about masks anymore. No more masks! Grr.

I think 5 is to many. I would go with 3 waves. I got bored and found it a real slog as a solo player to fight even 1 really low level surge at a leyshrine.

I was thinking Maelstrom == Magical Sandstorm. And it increases the difficulty. I was thinking that perhaps enough sigils would confer some kind of immunity from the maelstrom and you wouldn’t need a mask. But plebs with no sigils would have to wear one.

Sure, why not. This is an excellent idea. However right now the sigils seem sort of pointless other than I heard they provide access to the tower if you have enough of them.

I was thinking that the sandstorm mask would negate immediate damage, like a sandstorm, but the player would require sigils to even enter the thing at all otherwise they corrpted etc. As the maelstrom is a sorcerous storm it requires magical protections or somesuch (like sigils). Otherwise why am I getting the sigils.

I thought the maelstrom would be more interesting or dangerous than it is. Turns out when I go inside its just a swirling fog that spawns some annoying monsters to avoid and reduces my view distance. It’s not really dangerous at all… you can imagine my disappointment.

I disagree its visually interesting but “engaging” it is not. Its just a visual element on the map that appears and dissappears but otherwise isnt very interesting, or dangerous IMO.

The maelstrom monsters should be more glass cannons and require less sustained pounding to defeat. So far the maelstrom monster spawns have been pretty interesting. Arguably THE most interesting thing about the Siptah map.

Ok thanks for pointing this out, I hadn’t noticed this.

I’ll state my reasoning for this: I expected the maelstrom to be much more dangerous and scary than it was. It didnt damage me like a sandstorm, the monsters spawned rarely and are easily avoided. I didn’t need any special items or preparation to survive in the storm. I had no ill effects from being in it “unprepared”. I was very dissapointed by the maelstrom, so I want to make it a more dangerous and interesting element. This was my proposed “solution” to that. IDK how you feel about it now that I’ve said that.

Yeah, but it is cool at the same time. I think that it doesn’t have to be deadly or require constant management in order for it to be interesting or engaging. That is time you can dedicate to other things, like fighting and situational awareness.

Once they get to the part of defending convergence traps properly, because right now you can’t play tower defense in this thing, it will be a lot of fun.

There is no way to create bottle necks for spawns or chokeholds where you can fight at an advantage. Nevermind defend the convergence trap.

The monsters go through stormglass like Pac-Man.

It will be a lot more interesting once they get that aspect of it working/correct. Believe me, the last thing you will want to do then is to worry about micro managing the storm with masks and/or sigils. That is tedium.

Once you get a mask for the sandstorm, it loses its value and it’s not dangerous anymore. So what’s even the point?

I like the maelstrom as it is, like I said, it’s an otherworldly storm, similar to where Valeria fought for Conan’s life in the first movie to bring him back from the dead. She didn’t need a sand mask, just saying. :stuck_out_tongue: That would not have made that scene more believable or interesting or immersive.

Yeah, in that context, I totally understand what you’re trying to propose. I also approached the Maelstrom with trepidation the first time, and then I got really puzzled when nothing happened and nothing kept happening for quite a while.

I believe what Funcom was trying to do was to make the Maelstrom a big threat that keeps ramping up the longer you engage with it, but not something that will quickly kill anyone who dares set foot in it or someone who gets caught in it by accident.

I think that some tweaking could satisfy both goals. Right now, the time that has to pass before the monsters start spawning around you is too long and too quiet. They should keep some of that quiet time to build the suspense. Then perhaps they could start with the lightning that strikes down without spawning any monsters. And then start spawning monsters just like now.

So yeah, it could be scarier. But believe you me, it’s pretty damn dangerous if you decide to hang around. The first time my clanmate and I decided to try our luck by staying for the duration of Maelstrom, we both got killed twice and we ended up losing our T3 fighter (lvl 17, epic gear). And that was only against the enemies that dropped unstable essence.

Of course, in hindsight, we would probably have fared better if I had remembered to consume some sigils :laughing: But I’m not sure how much better.

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