Building in the Maelstrom impossible?

Hi all.

We have created a small 2by3 base just before the Maelstrom hit to be able to put our bedrolls in and some chests.
We built in the new T3 Stormglass material.

As soon as the storm started, within minutes we started losing foundations and walls without any NPC’s even having spawned in.
Also bedrolls inside and outside the building were disappearing.

Replacing the lost pieces was possible, but only had a temporary effect (1 to 2 minutes)

Is this intended game mechanics or is this a bug?

By the way, loving the new game, it seems to run better at early access than the regular game after all these years.
Good work, Devs.

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U ever been in actual hurricane? That is game mechanic that wind is so strong it destroys everything in storm, only thing that can stand there is convergence traps… but even trap geets damage from storm… its like wind pick up stuff and blow it away :))))

I’ve watched video on Youtube: one guy built a sandstone base and it was OK until alien creatures came to destroy it - the wind itself made no harm to buildings. It was before the last patch.

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It is an intended game mechanic. You can check the server settings you are playing on, there is one for storm damage.

EDIT: Actually there are two of them. Default values below:
MinimumStormDamageBuildingPieces = 0;
StormBuildingDamageMultiplier = 1.f;


Thnx @Narelle :vulcan_salute:

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I built a flotsam 3x3 base to test the Maelstrom’s effects (close to a leyshrine). Yeah, my little “starter” base was ripped to shreds without any animals, monsters, or NPCs touching it. When the Maelstrom was over, not one wall or foundation was left. It was completely obliterated.

Next, I tried a T3 base just to see what would happen. It was doing better against the Maelstrom, but then monsters showed up and just ripped it down. Those Maelstrom spawn creatures went through T3 foundations like they were ‘paper.’ Even had one spider creature spawn inside the walls and tore down everything in sight (I hadn’t put a roof on by the time the Maelstrom started).

So you can adjust the Maelstrom settings to permit building in the area, but unless you really increase what your buildings can take, bases will be shredded (especially if unguarded).

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I want to add to what Bodin said by just pointing out that I just tested it and, from what I can tell right now, the Elder Things can literally just walk through T3 build pieces indeed. One hit by anything that spawns to destroy it is enough to make it vanish, so building in the Maelstrom does not seem prudent in any way right now, whether you’ve got the setting on that makes the Maelstrom itself damage buildings or not

The siege monsters are independent of the storm damage though. You have to turn them off or adjust when they spawn/how much damage they do. I wish that the storm damage would be damage over time rather than a random explosion every so often but I don’t always get what I want.

In addition, if you have a small base of your building the storm would be a lot more devastating than if you have a big base, the higher tier mats are supposed to “dodge” some of the storm “attacks” but if they get hit they will still be one shot. Try it with 10x10 stormglass and observe what happens (the location of the exploding pieces).

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