3 skull bosses coming out of Maelstrom can delete any base on the map (even on pve-c servers - probably on pve too)

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Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: LATAM

Building large structures inside or outside the Maelstrom generates 3 skull bosses and they can be taken out of the maelstrom to destroy any base on the map.

This is happening on a server. And it can probably happen even on a pve server.
I have already been raided (on a pve-c server) on 2 of our bases. It spoils the whole gaming experience in which we don’t seek to have raid mechanics.

To summon the 3 skull boss, check out Raught19’s post (also here on the funcom forum) at the end of this post.

To take the bosses out of the maelstrom check out greyseer’s post (also here on the funcom forum) at the end of this post.

This error seems similar to those reported by:

  • grayseer on September 22 (mobs-walking-out-of-the-maelstrom/139103)
  • Raught19 on October 15th (structures-outside-the-maelstrom-and-then-connecting-it-with-a-1x1-into-the-maelstrom-spawns-3-skull-bosses/143376)
  • Telavor on October 16 (building-damage-even-building-damage-is-off/143593)

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place 410+ structures outside the maelstrom
  2. connect a 1x1 of foundations into the maelstrom
  3. Spawn 3 skull bosses from the Maelstrom
  4. simply kite them THROUGH ENTIRE MAP
  5. aggro those monsters at any base and delete it, no matter of its tier or size
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I confirm, found this bug today when farming bosses (the never-disappearing boss), had to grab more heals and boss just went into my base and started wrecking it, even though its out of storm range. Apparently bosses do not disappear when leaving storm area. Idk why, idk why would they even have programmed different mechanic than all other monsters.

Anyway - that’s a bug that should be definitely fixed ASAP as it is perfect for exploiting.

Suggestion for fix:
Just make bases outside storm range undestroyable by storm monsters? Is it that hard? Or just make monsters instantly disappear when they leave storm range?

I don’t think that’s fixable - game counts base size as whole, so i’m not sure how devs would be even capable to fix that, maybe by doing some split building regions? Like - if you build base inside storm, it cant go outside, and if outside, it cant go inside the storm? But i’m not sure if game engine is able to do that.

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This whole thread is about this issue. There’s even a video of an elder siege thing being pulled all the way up the length of the western river to Violet Isle.

Hey there,

We’ve slightly edited your initial report to be compliant with our forum guidelines.
Thanks for the feedback, it’s been relayed to our team so they can look into it.


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