Need an official answer about 3 Skull maesltrom bosses

I can confirm, they literally 1 hit every piece of building, lost the entire back off my base beacuse of that beast roaming around OUTSIDE the maelstrom (pulled by another player).

Placed some big scorpions and some big sand reapers back there, 2 sand reapers died, Im still losing pieces of building sometimes but a lot less than before (guarding creatures and thralls seems to idle a lot of times while being attacked so in the end they die)

One 3 skull boss would probably kill all my pets and thralls back there and probably half my base…

The visuals does n’t determine the end of the maelstrom, the icon does and should, not the visual effect.

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Just out of curiosity, did any of your pets have sigils active?

I can confirm on a PvE server, that mobs from the Maelstorm can be dragged / pulled outside the yellow line area (map posted in this thread and damage a base. I ran back to my clan’s forward base not realizing a few mobs were still chasing me and they did a small bit of damage to my clan base before I killed them.

The base is inside the storm wind area but not where mods spawn (reddish clouds area) so I can only confirm that white clouds area those demons can be dragged purposely or accidentally into a base area and do damage. I have no idea if the base was farther back if it would do so or not. (I did not watch that video yet)

None of the sigils were active one 1 of the mobs
Can’t get enough even if I want to :stuck_out_tongue: mostly these chests are empty

Well, the game is under “Early Access” so yes, we understand stuff like this happens, but I guarantee you, if there was some exploit, such as easy to kill elephants for leveling, they fix it. I can’t imagine it would be hard to fix this since it seems for whatever reason that some mobs actually do despawn properly. However, the video so kindly posted in this thread proves otherwise for 3 skull bosses.

So to all of you who posted replies such as, “Just don’t build in the storm or close to it.”, well, now you can clearly see that no place is safe on the map, unless you build on top of a mountain. Clearly this can’t be an intended feature, but I heard a rumor the same problem existed with purge armies being dragged to other people’s bases on the Exile map.


Wow. Thanks for posting this video. It really helped to clarify the scope of the problem.

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This seems hopeless then, if its not even fixed with purges on EL :confused:

True, but in this case it should be fairly easy to forcefully despawn demons that are too far out of the Maelstrom. Assuming that’s how it’s intended to work. Which it ought to be IMO.

They already have something that drags (teleports?) summoned surge NPCs back towards the leyshrines, surely the same kinda check could be applied to Maelstrom monsters.

It’s not like it would have to run on every server tick (performance concern), once per ~10 seconds or so should be plenty.

Or what happens to world bosses when people try to cheese them with palisades and sh… stuff.


Yeah everything that is from the storm should remain inside the storm, not outside of it.
So it should despawn leaving the maelstrom, the player leave the storm for a reason anyway… maybe it became too hot for the player :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Sidenote: It would however be okay if the mobs leave the storm while still having the aggro on the same person who left the storm, so if you want to kill it you still can, but as soon its agro changes it should despawn outside the storm… so no other bases get hit, to prevent griefing.

Demons run back to the storm instead on despawning? If I understand you correctly this sounds like music to my ears!


Personally I’m good with either, but yeah the mob returning would probably be ideal.


Anything other than people being able to drag 3 skulls across the map to grief people would be ideal.

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I’m in total shock at this point we haven’t even got a response back that this is Intended or not, So I’m starting to think this is intended.

They have, just not in this thread.

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Thank you very much for letting me know! I had no Idea there was another thread on this issue, so I do appreciate that.

In my experience, having a base in the F9/10 lake area, the maelstorm mobs spawn radius happends like this:

The purple line is the radius to where they spawn during the storm, and where actually the storm debuff shows up in the tooltip.
The green circled area is where the mobs chased me, not siege mobs, and where the storm lightning hit my buildings, which were considerably outside the no build range.

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To be fair, that isn’t really answering whether it’s intended, just a “we’ll refer it to the dev team” with (as of this post) no response at eight days and counting since the referral, and soon a month since the initial question.


True. But that’s usually all you get from Funcom.


Yeah I guess it is. They did use to let us know whether it was intended or not, but I suppose people (rightfully) expected it to be fixed when it was unintentional.

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Yeah. I’m guessing that they are just very leery of making any commitments these days. It’s probably not intended (especially on PvE server) but they probably also don’t know if/when it can be fixed.

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