Maelstrom and It's essence grind


Will there be a rework/rebalance of the maelstrom creatures loot table? Especially the essence drop Rate?

Currently there is almost no incentive for players to go inside the Storm and hunt the lesser and 1 skull creatures.

As it stand now:

  • lesser essence gives 1 Chaos
  • unstable essence gives 2 Chaos
  • greater essence gives 50! Chaos

There is no danger/challenge involved in farming the maelstrom Bosses, far more easier then going in the maelstrom and fight Wave After Wave of lesser creatures(there are times when you might be overwhelmed).
So why would a player even bother going inside the Storm Multiple Times in Order to gather the 1000 lesser or 500 unstable essences? When they can just gather a Couple of starter thralls(easy to get and fast to break) and farm directly the maelstrom Bosses, thing which( even in early game) will get you enough essences After 2 maelstroms(where for lesser u need between 5-10 Storms to gather the 1000 Chaos need it).

I am not saying that greater essences with their 50 Chaos is to much, i kinda feel like having it:

  • lesser essence give 5 Chaos
  • unstable essence give 10 Chaos
  • greater essence give 50 Chaos

I have currently over 100 surges done, maybe close to 200, since early Octomber 2020, both private Server and official Servers. All of them being solo farmed and maybe the First 2 were farmed from lesser or 1 skull creatures in the Maelstrom, rest only boss farms. Faster and it feels rewarding when compared to lesser creatures farm.


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