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Ive been trying to figure out how the boss spawns work during the Maelstrom, but so far it seems completely random.

I cant find anything relevant information online either so I was hoping any of you guys knew something I dont. Im mainly interested in the 2 3-skulled wingless dragons spawning in I/J-9.

I want to farm the Greater ??? and wanted to optimize it. Is there anything I can do/shouldnt do to increase their spawn chance/rate?

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Bosses in the storm are random iirc. The longer you’re in the storm, the more enemies spawn. If you’re trying to get a lot of greater essence, the Pools of the Grey Ones are a much more viable method of repeatedly farming on-demand bosses. Run the isles of dawn and dusk, picking up figurines from the camps scattered across both. Plop them down at the pools and you’ll be rolling in the stuff

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What I have experienced with stormbosses is that they only appear if youve killed enough regular storm mobs on that area, and you have to be fast since if the boss appears late in the storm you wont have time to kill it before the storm ends. But like was said theres much better ways to get greaters, one way is just looking through the camp chests :slightly_smiling_face:

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I dont want to run through camps for statues to kill. Its boring and takes too much time. Id much rather just farm storm monsters.

Are you sure about bosses spawning after a certain amount of normal storm mobs kills? Ive killed a ton with no spawn and other times killed none to few and had 2 dragons spawn

Yeah for me the dragon usually appears after killing enough regulars but not always so theres some random in that I guess

It’s much faster this way, and the pool variants of the bosses drop recipes and fragments of power. It’s also not time limited like the storm is. Something for everyone I guess

Im not looking for fast, Im looking for easy. Ive got more than 1000 hours played, got all recipes from both EL and Siptah so I have no use for fragments or recipes. Im only interested in learning how the Maelstorm Boss Spawn system works.

Noticed also that for the dragon usually theres just regular mobs but then after awhile thunnha mobs may appear and after those are killed the dragon usually appears but dont recall getting the dragon without the thunnha, maybe theyre linked somehow?

I don’t know, that’s why I came here :stuck_out_tongue: Ill try set up an outpost with a bunch of berserkers, kill as much as I can, see if I can make anything of it

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I dunno myself… I have stayed in-storm from start to finish about 50 or more times and never seen a boss. I don’t even know what they might look like - unless you mean those spider-women things…

Awhile back however someone posted that the storm bosses only spawn in certain locations. They said where but I don’t remember. It made sense at the time because I’m never in that location and I’ve never seen a boss. So if true, and others at the time agreed it was, then it’s location based plus (maybe) staying in the storm for X amount of time.

Yes only certain locations, like the loigor in this thread at I9-J9 :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are wanting to farm ???, go to the Fractured Citadel and harvest everything with a sickle AND the Sigil of the Gremlin. You’ll get 3 ??? with each harvest. The Blood Moon boss will get you 3 Shining ??? each defeat too.

As stated above, Im interested in learning how the Maelstorm Boss spawn system works, nothing else.

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