No maelstorm boss spawns if someone else is getting them

As of now (after hundreds of tests) i see it works as follows - if more than one clan wants to farm bosses in storm, the other will get no spawns. Not even regular spawns.


  • Allow for multiple spawns. (i saw few settings in server configs about it, if that’s a matter of changing it, why not raise that number on official servers? Because 1 is definitely not enough. )
  • Allow for regular spawns when you get boss spawns - because why not?

One more question, for which answer i cannot find - who gets boss spawns if multiple parties try to get it? The one with bigger base?

IIRC, elder bosses are set to max out at 5 at any given time.

As i said, i tested it numerous times. If we (our clan) are alone on server farming bosses - we get nice spawns, up to 23 during single storm, if someone else is farming too (by some reason) we get 0, and they get all the spawns. It’s always 1 at a time. (not counting the wild spawns as those seem to not be included in max counter, but those just lurk in storm, dont attack the builds unless you bother them :smiley: ).

So yeah, what makes me wonder the most - who gets the boss spawns? The clan with bigger base in storm? If that’s true we will just make our base ultra large just to get all the spawns when we are out farming bosses… Because it’s seriously off-putting when you plan with your clanmates to play and you get full storm of 0 spawns (not even basic monsters).

So you cant farm in clans now? As singel player we have never bean able to do a proper farm ther! Wellcome to the club!

I thought this was a potential problem as well on our private server, so we ran a test, and first try 2 separate clans were able to get the siege elder things to spawn concurrently. Got any more info we can use to try and deduct what’s going on?

So this is something I’m trying to figure out myself, and I’ve come to these 3 options it could be.
*Whoever built into Storm First
*Biggest Base

But I will confirm for you I have farmed storm while someone else was also farming storm and we both got bosses. Just keep in mind the max that can be out at once is 5 and the 2 static spawn dragons seem to count as 2 towards that 5.

At some point I’ll test these different options, but it’s a lot of work and trying to figure it out on Live servers asking players all these questions isn’t always easy.

I bet it’s a bit like the purge and only one base can be under “attack” at any given time.

Im pretty sure it’s 1-at-a-time. When siptah wasnt yet too overpopulated with bigger clans, we used to get boss spawns concurrently (one we, one someone else, repeat). But i noticed that sometimes the game will totally go nuts, and the other ‘party’ will have all the spawns. That’s pretty off-putting and i wonder if there is any intel on what determines who gets the spawns. Because if that’s just ‘bigger base’ it’s not really a big deal, but that’s pretty dump too, as it will encourage ‘bigger base’ race on officials and just make them work like some exile lands servers, which run at 10 FPS (server-side) tops. :confused:

Yes and we all know what hapend whit the ping on the server when they do the exploit and farming on a stone whit gasbombs! So an limit on spawns is probebly ther!

that’s totally not related. We talking about bosses, spawning at 2 different locations, not about 20 monsters spawning in one spot getting gas bombed.

bumping, since no dev made any statement to this still, and it’s still an issue.

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