Farming ? outside maelstrom?

I’m relatively new to the game, and started on a private server which I’m now invested in. Being new, I didn’t even realize maelstroms were a thing, because for some reason they are bugged on our server and don’t happen. Not sure why. I read a post somewhere saying some private servers are having issues with maelstroms not spawning.
So, I was wondering, if I don’t have access to the maelstrom to farm ???, is there another reliable way? I’ve only ever seen it randomly show up in chests.

Your next best source of ??? is farming the mobs that spawn after discovering, and using figurines in the pools of the grey ones.
Good Luck!

The isle of dusk is a good place to grab ???. The fractured citadel and accursed camps. Also using the figurines at the pools of the grey ones is a decent way to get them depending on which figurine you use


Any of the containers on the island can hold the ???essence, I’ve personally looted the greater essence from containers all over the island. But I would suggest going to the bigger ones as these have more chests and containers and will usually yield more.

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Second on LordKAA, figurines are a great source. Just don’t go in unprepared, they have a pretty wide range in difficulty.

And it depends on your goal. If it’s to surge summon, slaying the blood moon beast in the citadel, then harvesting with a sickle and the gremlin sigil is by far the fastest.

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