Farming essence?

How are you guys farming ??? to summon surges these day? Chests, pool bosses and the fractured citadel? And tips or tricks to make this more efficient?

If you use Ankh from Temple of Mitra and sigil of gremlin, you will get 3x “???” per monster because the sigil increases your first harvested item +2 and the Ankh from Mitra doesn’t harvest meat or skins which means ??? will always be the first harvested item. The exception here are dragons that give bones as first harvest.
Lesser and unstable ??? can be found plenty in chests around the camps. Sometimes you can get Greater ??? but not that many really.
A single storm, which lasts 15min can get you around 60 unstable ??? but you’ll need to build an outpost inside the storm and have 3 or more guards to kill monsters fast.
Another way to procure ??? is from the Pools of the Grey ones.

The best way to farm surges is to get the Legendary ???. You can get 3 legendary ???, using the mitra ankh and sigil of gremlin, from each Bloodmoon boss kill located in the Living first men capital on the Isle of Dusk. You’ll need 10 to start a greater surge.
The bloodmoon boss can be spawned at pools of the grey ones as well, using the bloodmoon figurine.
Below the bloodmoon boss nearby is a demon dragon that gives greater ???.
You can get 30+ legendary ??? in 1 hour of camping that bloodmoon boss, which means 3 greater surges.

PS: Forgot to mention that Accursed camps often have maelstrom beasts roaming around. Those are a good source of unstable ???.

Good luck and have fun.


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Halk you noob :)))

Sickle works too.

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Lol, I was grinding that big ugly thing so hard!!! And I hate it because it’s very very ugly :smiley:
I’m gonna ankh their faces now. Or sickle them even :slight_smile:

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