Need suggestions for maelstrom timer(s)

Private server running IoS. As it stands, there’s a cycle that goes blue-storm-with-tentacles -> blue storm -> weather gets dark & windy everywhere -> MAELSTROM -> 15-20 seconds of nice weather -> back to blue-storm-with-tentacles. I’m wondering if there’s a way to extend that nice clear weather period. Make the Maelstrom really mean something when it does happen, y’know? I get that this might mean fewer wild surges spawning, but as it stands they’re omnipresent and more of an irritant. Anyone have any recommended timer settings for their server?

In the server settings you should see 4 seperate Maelstrom settings. Its been a bit here since I looked, but there should be a yog portal timer (60), a storm buildup (15), a storm timer(75), and then a cooldown of some sort (2). Numbers in brackets are what I think the defaults were.

Look for Maelstrom in your admin server settings. Ensure you restart the server after you change these settings. Once, a change we did completely disabled the storm too. Be aware and ready to change again if there is problems!

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