Storm Elderthings Spawned inside and on base

So at one base, the siege elderthings spawn on top of my base courtyard, which is all fully built out and not just some fencing around open ground.

At another base, some minor elderthings (at least one) actually spawned inside my solid foundation blocks. I could hear him attacking it from the inside, like termites.

Only now reporting on storms, since I just got them working (I think) yesterday. Changing any storm settings can cause storms to just disable completely. using the DC command seems to help kick them off to start working normally on their own, but not always.

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Are you sure they were siege elder things? The maelstrom on test live should be configured so that those don’t spawn anymore.

That being said, yeah, that’s how siege elder things work. They’ll basically spawn anywhere there’s a flat space in your structure. They tend to not spawn inside enclosed spaces, but there’s a little overlap so sometimes they’ll spawn on the inside of an external wall or inside foundations and what not.

I reported all this back in September and got a response that was something along the lines of “that’s intended behavior.”

Yeah, I specifically turned them on in settings. They are the best thing in Siptah so far. Absolutely loving them. Spawning inside my base fenced walls is actually fine and I’ve made accomodations to handle it. Spawning under my buildings in a block of solid foundations is completely unacceptable and no way I an deal with them, without tearing apart my base to get to them. I just have to wait out the storm and hope they don’t continue to spawn that way. It could literally undermine the base and destroy it, or cause a giant sink hole as the structure loses integrity.

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Yup, this :point_up_2:. Folks are going to start clamouring for it to be switched on too as its still the best way to get ???s for Surges and the best way to get a whole variety of feat recipes for both Siptah and Exiled Lands.

We’re playing with it on, the spawn rate doubled and the siege damage multiplier at x3. It makes Maelstroms the best fun you can have on Siptah.

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I did 15 min storms and a cooldown of 10 min at one point. Barely had time to recover before the next storm would hit. It was madness and glorious. I’m going for a more relaxed setting for the long run. Probably one every 3-4 hours in the future and only when I am online. Still having troubles though, since when I make config changes, it seems to break the storms, until I manually start the first one.

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