Storm and Siptah

When the island of Siptah appeared, it was impossible to build houses in the storm zone. Well, more precisely, you can, but during a storm, mobs came and destroyed the base. And lately, I have begun to notice the bases of other players located in the zone of the storm more often. Maybe I missed some kind of patch note. Can you build closer to the tower, not just around the edges of the map?

Use storm glass if building in the storm zone.

You can build anywhere in the storm area now with any building material. Plenty of people using sandstone too, it doesn’t have to be T4, the mobs are not going to search for and attack your base.

PS: don’t forget not to build too close to the center in case meteors fall which could be roughly around 20 or so foundations out (please don’t quote me :grimacing:) from where the black sands end.

Do take note as well that the larger monsters in yhe storm, like the Elder Things and the dragons, dont seem to spawn like previously. (I just wish they still do, it’s really tedious trying to find the right statue for the summon)

And because they took away the siege damage from the elder things, the damage they do aren’t that… hard anymore. The grey ones, even though they are glass cannons, hit harder than these Elder Things.

Sorry I couldn’t let this pass… I just had to quote this

One more tip when building in the storm, when you are at your base you tirgger mob spawns those will attack you or try to if you’re there during the storm


The main thing is that they do not try to harm buildings.

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