Cannot Build in Water on Siptah

Hello Funcom Brains

Loving Siptah thank you very much!

I have come across something that I would like to bring to your attention…

Building in the ocean around the island seems to be oddly blocked. I would imagine that, being an island, that building in the water would be encouraged. However, that is not the case.

I keep coming across “building not allowed here”, which I understand if there is an important NPC mechanic or something but there is literally nothing around…just ocean and sand.

Why? I think you should consider opening this up for building…?


I believe that it was mentioned awhile back that it’s intentionally that way do to spawning on beaches when starting a character and other reasons.

Iv had no problems building in the water surrounding Siptah. As long as you are only building foundations in the water.
Just no that purges can be a problem.

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I noticed areas around the new island/peninsula were blocked. I assume this is to prevent players from building more efficient bridge paths to the new area, or completely encircling the new area.

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Inability to build offshore could be due to proximity to an underwater point of interest or too close to a designated character starting area.

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Maybe on SP it’s ok but on officials @Mbeat is right , your building restrictions on water are too many . Yet my efforts was on North West , I didn’t try on other places , so it’s better to be specific for further misunderstandings :wink: . I agree that we could have a bit more freedom on water builds , yet I really miss the old water surface and graphics , the response on consoles (PS4) now is devastating , plus my ps5 is not delivered , I really hope graphics are different , like the old at least :pensive:

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Each of the 4 respawn points (NW/NE/SW/SE) in Siptah are blocked so you can’t build there. It didn’t really matter in the Exiled Land as no one built out in the desert (no resources and a longer walk).

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@arthurh3535 ,It is a correct point , but it would be silly for any player to try to build exactly where he spawned , don’t you think ? The conversation is been done for a bit more North , away enough from the spawn area . Or a bit more South , same deal . I believe that they should place limits on entrances of the bosses city , or close to grey pools , and leave the waters more open :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .Yet this map without map room will soon gain issues , since almost every one will build in the middle of the map :woman_shrugging:t3: .

The 4 different spawn areas where you ‘wash ashore’ are pretty large and they don’t want people building right there, even though you can gather some resources and it’s a lot closer. I know I had to walk all the way to the cliff face. And you can build in the water, but you have travel quite a bit further along the shore than you would think originally.

The greatest problem I have right now on consoles is the graphics rendering . Even if you manage to build something small inside the water the view you get from the water surface is bad , the low one third of your screen is water , the middle one third is the plantation of the sea and the last high one third white , not even sky :pensive: .

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