Suggestion: Isle of Siptah Ocean Waves

Since there is so much ocean water surrounding the island, would the art department be able to add ocean waves (animation of water waves, and audio sounds of surf and possibly seagull calls) to the beaches. Many people are building their flotsam homes on the beaches. It would be a nice soothing, and relaxing atmosphere to contrast with the maelstrom of the inner island.


That would be great, sit down by the sea and relax to the sounds.

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Ah yes, nice relaxing ocean wave sound… BWWAAAAAAM from the sky.

:zap: :cyclone: :surfing_man:

God i wish we had waves, so disappointed this has never been a thing.

I’d love to see this too, maybe they could get really rough when the maelstrom happens and what about rain? I. Not sure it’s rained since I started playing Siptah and it rains loads in certain areas of exiled lands.

Siptah map (single player mode):
I noticed that when I was checking why my building was having trouble not being able to place foundations, I entered “ghost mode” (single player, of course) and triggered a rain storm. When I existed “ghost mode” it stopped raining.

“Ghost mode” = rain storm

Why it did that, I don’t know. And to see if it was coincidence or not, I did it again. Each time, “ghost mode” makes it rain. So maybe they are having a weird bug that people playing the game normally doesn’t allow it to rain?

NO! NO RAIN PLEASE! The Vanir area of the Exiled Lands has TO MUCH DAMN RAIN! It NEVER stops raining! EVER! so NO RAIN PLEASE!

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